Kenneth E. James, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Senior Biostatistician, Health Services Research and Development and Northwest Center for Cooperative Studies in Health Services, Portland VA Medical Center


PhD (1969) University of MinnesotaMS (1967) University of MinnesotaBS (1965) Walla Walla College

Summary of Current Research

Dr. James is an experienced researcher and administrator in biomedical and health services clinical trials, being responsible for the management of clinical trials coordinating centers for eighteen years and involved in the conduct of all phases of multicenter studies in clinical and health services research since 1971.  He is experienced in clinical trials, longitudinal studies and medical testing.  His involvement in these areas has included study design, determination of sample size, study implementation, study monitoring, interim and final data analysis and assisting in the preparation and submission of study results for publication.  Dr. James serves as Senior Biostatistician and Consultant to medical researchers in various departments at Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center.

Recent Publications

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Vaughan V., James, K.E. McDermott, D., Griest, S., Fausti, S. A 5-year prospective study of diabetes and hearing loss in a veteran population. Otology and Neurology (27):37-43, 2005. Emmons, S.L., Nichols,

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