Hillary Regan

Residency Coordinator 


Key Responsibilities

  • Serves as the initial contact person for all Preventive Medicine Residency-related questions, contracts, conferences and events.
  • Oversees the administrative processes of the residency program & provides support to the Residency Director, John Stull, MD, MPH and current residents
  • Assists with the Application process and Recruitment of new Residents
  • Prepares and provides information to current and prospective residents regarding department educational offerings and policies
  • Maintains the Residency Web Pages & Databases
  • Coordinates Orientation activities for incoming Residents as well as Completion activities for Graduating Residents.
  • Researches, compiles data, and prepares reports to document program procedures and records as needed for re-accreditation and other requests 

A Pacific Northwest native, Hillary and her family enjoy all that Oregon has to offer, especially gardening, fishing, camping, crabbing and exploring nature.   Other interests include wedding planning, floral arranging, reading, and listening/singing to music.