Steven L. Gallon, PhD

Affiliate Associate Professor



BA (1967) University of California at Santa Barbara
MA (1971) University of Oregon, Counseling
Ph.D. (1976) University of Oregon, Counseling Psychology
Clinical Psychology Internship 1973-1974), VA Hospital, OHSU

Experience & Interests

Dr. Gallon specializes in addiction treatment, counselor training, organizational and curriculum development. He is currently a Project director at the Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs in Salem, Oregon. Dr. Gallon collaborates with the government, educators, treatment providers and credentialing organizations in four northwest states and Pacific Island jurisdictions. He works with them to develop regional resources for training addiction specialists and other health professionals in empirically supported intervention and treatment methods. Dr. Gallon is also a counselor, trainer and organizational consultant in Corvallis, Oregon where he provides clinical services plus education programs and organizational consultation in regional and international settings.

Recent Accomplishments

2005 Public Health & Preventive Medicine Chair award in Service