Primary Faculty

Name Title Specialty Area
Elizabeth Adams, RD, PhD
Assistant Professor Nutrition and Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology
Elena Andresen, PhD
Professor Aging, disability across the lifespan, health related quality of life methods and measures, and rehabilitation outcomes
Kent Anger, PhD
Professor Behavioral neurotoxicology, Computer-based training interventions (workplace)
Christina Baumann, MD, MPH
HIV Screening
Thomas M. Becker, MD, PhD Professor and Chair Cancer Epidemiology, Minority Health
Janne Boone-Heinonen, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor

Obesity Epidemiology
Barbara Campbell, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor Substance Abuse
Benjamin Chan, MS Adjunct Instructor Biostatistics

Kathleen Carlson, PhD

Assistant Professor
Injury epidemiology, prevention and control, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation outcomes, veterans’ post-deployment health
Yiyi Chen, PhD Assistant Professor Biostatistics, Design and analysis of clinical trials, Bayesian Statistics
Dongseok Choi, PhD Professor Biostatistics, Spatial Statistics, Time Series, High dimensional data, Statistical Learning.
Rachel Dresbeck, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Development and Communications
Mary L. Durham, PhD Professor Chronic Illness, Mental Health Services
Rochelle Fu, PhD Associate Professor Biostatistics, Bayesian methods, Meta analysis, Analysis of Medicare/Medicaid data
Melissa Gatchell, MPH, PhD
Instructor Cancer prevention, health disparities
Willi Horner-Johnson, PhD  Research Assistant Professor Disability and Health
William E. Lambert, PhD Associate Professor Environmental Epidemiology
Jodi A. Lapidus, PhD Professor Biostatistics, Categorical data, Proteomics, Design of community intervention trials, Native health
Mike Lasarev, MS  Senior Instructor Biostatistics, Statistical computing, Simulation, Bootstrapping
Eun Sul Lee, PhD Adjunct Professor Biostatistics, Complex survey design/analysis, Mental health research
Don Lewis, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
Biostatistics, Lean Six Sigma
Donald Lollar, EdD
Professor Associate Director, CDRC Academic Affairs
Director, Oregon Institute on Disability & Development
Lisa Marriott, PhD
Assistant Professor
Science Education
Dennis McCarty, PhD Professor Substance Abuse, Evidence-based Practice, Research to Practice
Shannon McWeeney, PhD  Associate Professor Biostatistics, Statistical Genetics, Bioinformatics
Jessica Minnier, PhD
Assistant Professor
Biostatistics, High dimensional data, Prediction, Machine Learning
Motomi Mori, PhD Professor Biostatistics, Oncology Clinical Trials, Biomarker Studies, Analysis of High-Throughput Genetics/Genomics Data
Corey Nagel, PHD, MPH, RN
Assistant Professor
Thuan Nguyen, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Biostatistics, Mixed Effects Models, Model Selection, Longitudinal Data
Carrie Nielson, MPH, PhD Assistant Professor Epidemiology
Ryan Olson, PhD Assistant Professor CROET
Seth O'Neal, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Population-based training
Byung Park, PhD Research Assistant Professor Biostatistics, General Linear Models, Microarrays
Dawn Peters, PhD Associate Professor Biostatistics, Clinical trial methodology, Randomization
Donald Pierce, PhD Adjunct Professor Biostatistics, Biostatistics theory, Radiation research, Cohort study, Epidemiology statistics
Nancy Press, PhD Professor Genetics

Ana Quiñones, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor
Health Policy
Traci Rieckmann, PhD Research Assistant Professor Substance Abuse

Eli Schwarz, DDS, MPH, PhD


Professor and Chair, Department of Community Dentistry
Jackilen Shannon, PhD, RD, MPH  Associate Professor Nutrition and Cancer Epidemiology
Steven Shea, PhD Professor (Provisional) Senior Scientist, CROET
Patricia Silk Walker, RN, PhD Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Native Research project
Priya Srikanth, MPH
Instructor Happy Lab
John Stull, MD, MPH Assistant Professor, Residency Director Medical Education, Ethics
Eric Suhler, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Chief of Ophthalmology and Eye Clinic, Portland VA Medical Center, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Co-Director, Uveitis Clinic, Casey Eye Institute
Philippe Thuillier, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor Cancer Prevention
Ruth Ann Tsukuda, PhD Assistant Professor
Evelyn Whitlock, MD, MPH Associate Professor Residency Program

Joint Faculty

Name Title Specialty Area
Michelle Berlin, MD, MPH Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology, Campaign to Eradicate Cervical Cancer
Ella Booth, PhD Associate Dean, Diversity Affairs Aging
David Buckley, MD, MPH
Research Assistant Professor
Family Medicine
David Cardona, MD, MPH Adjunct Instructor HIV
Margaret (Meg) Cary, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Patty Carney, PhD Professor Breast Cancer
Aaron Caughey, MD, MPP, MPH, PhD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Richard Deyo, MD, MPH
Family Medicine
William R. Hersh, MD Professor Medical Informatics, Medicine
David H. Hickam, MD, MPH Professor Health Services, Clinical Epidemiology
Linda L. Humphrey, MD, MPH Professor Breast Cancer & Epidemiology
Jeffrey Jensen, MD, MPH Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology
Holly Jimison, PhD Associate Professor
Valerie King, MD, MPH
Care of women and children
P. Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH Assistant Professor Internal Medicine 
Jay Kravitz, MD, MPH Assistant Professor Global Health
Robert A. Lowe, MD, MPH, FACEP, FACP Associate Professor Emergency Medicine
Miguel Marino, PhD
Assistant Professor
High-dimensional correlated data
Lynn Marshall, ScD Assistant Professor Nutritional Epi, Musculo-skeletal Diseases
William Hal Martin, PhD  Professor Hearing Health, Adolescent Risky Behaviors, Health Communications, Native American Research
John McConnell, PhD Associate Professor Cost-Benefit Analysis
Bentson H. McFarland, MD, PhD Professor Community Mental Health
Alan Melnick, MD, MPH Associate Professor; Director, Joint Residency in Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine Family Medicine
Cynthia Morris, PhD, MPH Professor Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Maternal & Child Health
Craig Newgard, MD Associate Professor Medicine
Christina M. Nicolaidis, MD, MPH Associate Professor Medicine
Mike Plunkett, DDS, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor Dentistry
David Pollack, MD Affiliate Professor
Kenneth D. Rosenberg, MD, MPH  Affiliate Assistant Professor Maternal Child Health
Somnath Saha, MD, MPH Associate Professor Health Disparities
C. Wayne Sells, MD, MPH Associate Professor Pediatrics
Ellen Stevenson, MD, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mara Tableman, PhD Adjunct Professor Biostatistics, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric methods
Daniel Touchette Adjunct Assistant Professor Pharmacy
Dale Walker, MD Professor Psychiatry
Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH Assistant Professor Infectious Disease Epi
Atif Zaman, MD, MPH Professor  Gastroenterology
Xinbo Zhang, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Biostatistics, Opthalmology

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Specialty Area
Donald Austin, MD, MPH Professor Emeritus  Cancer Epidemiology
Michael J. Garland, DScRel Professor Emeritus Ethics in Health Care
Merwyn R. Greenlick, PhD Professor Emeritus Medical Care Organization
Kenneth E. James, PhD Professor Emeritus Biostatistics, Design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials 
William E. Morton, MD, DrPH Professor Emeritus Environment Med. & Occupational Health
Katherine J. Riley, EdD Assistant Professor Emerita Substance Abuse, Women's Health, Adolescent Risky Behavior, Graduate Health Education
David Rosenstein, DMD Professor Emeritus Community Dentistry

Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Specialty Area
David Balmer, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
David Barker, MD, PhD Visiting Professor  
Bertram Berney, MD, MHS Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Viktor Bovbjerg, PhD
Affiliate Associate Professor

Myde Boles, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Doug Bigelow, PhD Associate Professor  
Michael Bonazzola, MD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Frances Cappa, MPH, NP, RN Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Matthew Carlson, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Paul Cieslak, MD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Ralph Crawshaw, MD Affiliate Professor  
Carlos Crespo, DrPH Affiliate Associate Professor  
Lynn Debar, MPH, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Justin Denny, MD, MPH
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Family, Public Health, Preventive Medicine
Mary Ann Evans, MPH, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Theodore Falk, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Chris Farentinos, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Stephanie Farquhar, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Adrianne Feldstein, MD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Joe Finkbonner, RPH, MHA Affiliate Instructor  
David Fleming, MD Affiliate Professor  
Gregory Fowler, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Donald Freeborn, PhD Affiliate Professor  
Michael Freeman, MedDr, PhD, MPH Affiliate Professor Forensic Epidemiology
Steven L. Gallon,PhD
Affiliate Associate Professor
Substance Abuse, Implementation Science, Service Improvement
John Gardin, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
James Gaudino, MD, MPH Affiliate Associate Professor  
Sherril B. Gelmon, BSc, MHSc, DrPH Affiliate Professor Division of Health Services
Andrew Glass, MD Affiliate Professor Medicine
Carla Green, PhD, MPH Affiliate Research Associate Professor  
Ray Guggenheim, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Christina Gullion, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor Biostatistics, Longitudinal data analysis, Missing data, Psycholsocial measurements
Kathleen Haley, JD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Elizabeth Hawkins, PhD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Katrina Hedberg, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Judith Hibbard, DrPH Affiliate Professor  
Grant Higginson, MD, MPH Affiliate Associate Professor  
Lawrence Hipshman, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Kimberly (Kim) Hoffman, PhD Affiliate Instructor Division of Health Services
Jack Hollis, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Mark Hornbrook, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor  
Joseph Hromco, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Clyde Jensen, PhD Affiliate Professor  
William Keene, PhD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Melvin Kohn, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Martin Lahr, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Lori Lambert Senior Instructor Biostatistics, Cohort study, Epidemiological statistics
Richard Leman, MD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Cat Livingston, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor Family Medicine
Mark Loveless, MD Affiliate Associate Professor  
France Lynch, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Jessina McGregor, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Garnett McMillan, PhD Affiliate Senior Instructor  
Yvonne L. Michael, ScD Associate Professor Social Epidemiology
David Mosen, PhD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Bertha Moseson, MD Affiliate Assistant Professor Internal Medicine and Genetics
Allison Naleway, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Peter O'Hanley, PhD, MD Affiliate Professor  
Gary Oxman, MD, MPH Affiliate Associate Professor  
Marianne Patton, MPH Affiliate Instructor  
Neal Rendleman, MD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Gary Rischitelli, MD, MPH, JD Affiliate Assistant Professor Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology
Glen Rodriguez, MD Adjunct Associate Professor  
Lillian Shirley, MPH, MPA Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Michael Skeels, PhD, MPH Affiliate Professor  
Victor Stevens, PhD Affiliate Professor  
Daniel Sudakin, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Ann Thomas, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Jennifer Vines, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Lawrence Wallack, DrPH, MPH Affiliate Professor  
Victoria Warren-Mears, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor Director, NW Tribal Epidemiology Center
Sheila Weinmann, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor  
Thomas Weiser, MD, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor Medical Epidemiology
Katharina Wiest, PhD Affiliate Assistant Professor Substance Abuse
Dagan Wright, PhD, MSPH Affiliate Assistant Professor Analysis & Evaluation Unit Addictions & Mental Health Division (AMH)
Mark Yerby, MD Adjunct Associate Professor  
Suzanne Zane, DVM, MPH Affiliate Assistant Professor Division of Epidemiology
Andrew Zechnich, MD, MPH Assistant Professor