Thomas M. Becker, MD, PhD

Interim Dean of Research



BA (1972) Ohio University, Psychology
MA (1976) University of New Mexico, Anthropology
MD (1981) Case Western Reserve University
PhD (1986) University of New Mexico, Anthropology


Primary Mission in the Department

  • Provide administrative oversight regarding budgets, FTE, faculty recruitments
  • Generate grants and ensure their progress
  • Teach and develop curricula in a variety of learner settings

Specific Activities

Teach epidemiology methods and research study design to medical and graduate students, and to more advanced learners in the University

  • Assist with quality control in the MPH program as head of the MPH committee
  • Run grants and provide FTE for colleagues on those grants
  • Create internship and thesis opportunities with community contacts
  • Liaison with other departments and with Indian communities locally and nationally
  • Assist with curriculum development for several programs on campus

Experience and Interests

Dr. Becker is a medical epidemiologist with interests in both infectious and chronic disease epidemiology, with focused interests in viral carcinogenesis as related to cancers in special populations. He has published extensively on American Indian and Hispanic health issues, and is currently funded to carry out etiologic studies of cervical neoplasia in American Indian and Alaska Native populations. In addition to his training in medicine and public health, Dr. Becker also has a PhD in Anthropology, and his research has been designed to combine his experience in all of these disciplines. At OHSU, he teaches courses in epidemiologic methods and in infectious disease epidemiology.


Recent Publications

Finley C, McPherson RS, Schiff MA, Masuk M, van Asselt King L, Montoya G, Becker TM. Vitamin E and risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in southwestern American Indian women. In Press, Cancer Epidemiology and Biomarkers.

Filner J, Lapidus J, Becker TM. Risk factors for osteoporosis among Alaska Native women: A cross-sectional survey. Alaska Medicine 2002;44(1): 8-13.

Becker TM, Bettles James, Lapidus J, Campo J, Johnson CJ, Shipley D, Robertson LD. Improving cancer incidence estimates for American Indians and Alaskan Natives in the Pacific Northwest. In press, American Journal of Public Health.