Donald Austin, MD, MPH

Professor Emeritus, Public Health and Preventive Medicine


BS (1962) University of Oregon
MD (1965) University of Oregon Medical School
MS (1970) University of Oregon Medical School, Microbiology
MPH (1971) University of California, Berkeley Epidemiology

Experience and Interests

Dr. Austin is a medical epidemiologist, board certified in preventive medicine, with a primary interest in cancer. In addition, he has interests in the epidemiology of other chronic diseases, (including diabetes and Alzheimer's disease), in chronic disease control programs (including tobacco control), in systems for conducting surveillance of and research on chronic diseases, and the delivery of preventive care within managed care systems. He has published on epidemiologic aspects of a number of cancers (breast, larynx, melanoma, childhood cancer, leukemia) and related topics (cancer registries, the War on Cancer).

Recent Publications

Pankow JF, Watanabe KH, Toccalino PL, Luo W, Austin DF. Calculated Cancer Risks for Conventional and "Potentially Reduced Exposure Product" Cigarettes. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (in press)

Girard DE, Choi D, Dickey J, Wessel K, Austin D,. A Mid-Year Comparison Study of Career Satisfaction and Emotional States between Residents and Faculty at One Academic Medical Center. BMC Medical Education 2006, 6:36

Guise J-M, Austin DF, Morris CD. Review of case-control studies related to breastfeeding and reduced risk of childhood leukemia. Pediatrics (116(5):e724-31, 2005 Nov

Huang M, Hollis J, Polen P, Lapidus J, Austin D, Stages of smoking acquisition versus susceptibility as predictors of smoking initiation in adolescents in primary care. Addictive Behaviors, 30(6):1183-1194, 2005