Ana Quiñones, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor                                         



BA (1998) University of Florida
MS (2000) University of Minnesota
PhD (2010) University of Michigan

Primary Mission within the Department

The demographic shift of the U.S. population over the next few decades has many implications for how best to care for and treat disability and disease among the aged.  In addition, despite national policy goals of reducing disparities in health for ethnic minorities, differences in health outcomes and access to necessary health services persist.  Studies based on U.S. data as well as comparative international studies inform our understanding of individual and population aging processes.  My primary research objective is to collaborate with colleagues both in and out of our department in order to address these important research questions.    

Research Interests

I am interested in population aging and international health, particularly in the areas of comparative aging,health disparities, and immigrant health. More substantively, I am interested in studying disparities in health outcomes between Latinos, blacks and whites in the U.S.; comparative, cross-country analyses of health care systems; and examining the effectiveness of health care delivery.

Recent Publications

  • Quiñones AR, Liang J, Ye W. (2012) Racial and Ethnic Differences in Hypertension Risk: New Diagnoses After Age 50. Ethnicity & Disease, 22(2): 175-80.
  • Kansagara D, Gleitsmann K, Gillingham M, Freeman M, Quinones A. (2012) Nutritional Supplements for Age-related Macular Degeneration: A Systematic Review. VA-ESP Project #05-225.
  • Quiñones AR, O’Neil M, Saha S, Freeman M, Henry S, Kansagara D. (2011) Interventions to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities.  VA Evidence-based Synthesis Program Project #05-225. PMID: 22206109
  • Quiñones AR, Liang J, Bennett JM, Xu X, Ye W. (2011) How Does the Trajectory of Multimorbidity Vary Across Black, White, and Mexican Americans in Middle and Old Age?  Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 66B(6): 739-749.  PMID: 21968384
  • Liang J, Xu X, Quiñones AR, Bennett JM, Ye W (2011). Multiple Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms in Middle and Late Life: Race/Ethnic Variations. Psychology & Aging, 26(4): 761-77.  PMID: 21875216
  • Banaszak-Holl J, Liang J, Quiñones AR, Cigolle C, Lee I, Verbrugge L. (2011) Trajectories of Functional Change Among Long Stayers in Nursing Homes: Does Baseline Impairment Matter?  Journal of Aging and Health, 23(5) 862–882.  PMID: 21436394
  • Xu X, Liang J, Bennett JM, Quiñones AR, Ye W. (2010) Dynamics of depressive symptoms in middle age and older Americans: Does ethnicity matter? Journal of Aging and Health, 22(5): 631-52.  PMID: 20495153
  • Liang J, Quiñones AR, Bennett JM, Ye W, Xu X, Shaw BA, Ofstedal MB.  (2010) Evolving Self-Rated Health in Middle and Old Age: How Does it Differ Across Black, Hispanic, and White Americans?  Journal of Aging and Health, 22(1): 3-26.  PMID: 19952367
  • Liang J, Xu X, Bennett JM, Ye W, Quiñones AR.  (2010) Ethnicity and changing functional health in middle and late life: A person-centered approach.  Journals of Gerontology, Social Science, 65B(4): 470-81.  PMID: 20008483
  • Kruk ME, Wladis A, Mbembati N, Ndao Brumblay SK, Hsia RY, Galukande M, Luboga S, Macfarlane SB, Matovu A, McCord C, de Miranda H, Ozgediz D, Quiñones AR, Rockers PC, von Schreeb J, Vaz F.  (2010) Human Resource and Funding Constraints for Essential Surgery in District Hospitals in Africa: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Survey.  Public Library of Science Medicine (PLOS Medicine), 7(3): e1000242. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000242.  PMID: 20231869
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