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Field Experience Final Packet - Epidemiology 

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Advising and Thesis Forms


Please review Guidelines and Regulations for Completion of Masters and PhD Degrees for detailed instructions on how to complete your thesis.  All forms must be typed and submitted to the PHPM  Education Assistant Natalie Chin in our front office, 


The thesis forms must be submitted in the following order.  Please pay careful attention to deadlines.  Please also note that the Mentor Assignment form, the Request for Advisory Committee form, and the Request for Oral Exam form are subject to change.  If you do not use the latest version, Graduate Studies may decline the form.  We have linked to the page where Graduate Studies stores these forms so you can obtain the latest version directly from them.

1)  Mentor/Advisor Assignment Form - Master's Program (DUE BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR SECOND YEAR IN THE PROGRAM) 


This form must be submitted as soon as you choose your permanent These Mentor (by mutual agreement) and prior to registering for thesis credits, ideally before you begin your second year in the program (or when you have taken approximately 30 credits).


2) Request for Advisory (Thesis) Committee Form  AND Thesis Committee Proposal Review 

These are TWO separate forms that must be submitted simultaneously to the Education Office.  You must also include a copy of your thesis proposal and a CV and cover letter (written by your Thesis Mentor) for any external member on your committee, as noted below.

  • The latest deadline for submitting these forms is at least four weeks prior to the submission of the Request for Oral Exam paperwork (see below); however, it is the expectation of The Office of Graduate Studies that your committee will be formed within a year after admission to the program.  
  • The committee must consist of no fewer than three members of the School of Medicine's Graduate Faculty (from any program or administrative unit) who do not all have primary appointments in the same department, program or institute.
  • You can look up the names of OHSU's Graduate Faculty members here:  School of Medicine Graduate Faculty.  Just because someone has a faculty appointment at OHSU does not necessarily mean they have been appointed to SOM's Graduate Faculty. 
  • You may replace one of the committee members by a recognized scholar who is not a member of the Graduate Faculty.  When you submit the Request for Advisory and Thesis Committee Proposal Review form, you will need to include a CV from the outside member as well as a cover letter from your Thesis Mentor which describe how the training and expertise of the outsdie member align with their role on the thesis committee (e.g., content or methods expert, access to data set, or principal investigator). 
  • DO NOT submit these documents separately.  They must all be submitted in one packet.  Education Office staff will not hold parts of the packet for you while you assemble the others.


3. Request for Oral Examination Form

The Request for Oral Exam form must be submitted to us at least four weeks prior to the Thesis Defense date.  Please provide administrative staff an additional few days of lead time for processing. Contact Natalie in the PHPM Education Office to reserve a room for your thesis defense prior to submitting the form.



Oral Exam Certification Form

The Office of Graduate Studies provides the Oral Exam Chair with a completed PDF of the Oral Exam Certification form (OEC) prior to the defense, It is the responsibility of the Oral Exam Chair to bring this form to your defense and to make sure it is filed with the Office of Graduate Studies (4th floor, Mac Hall) within 48 business hours of your defense.  The PHPM Education Office can also submit the form should the Oral Exam Chair be unable to do so.

Upon completion of your written thesis, the Thesis Binding Receipt must be submitted to Graduate Studies.  For more information please review OHSU Library's Thesis Processing.


Certificate of Approval Template

This is a sample of the layout for the certificate of approval page that is to be included in the bound thesis.  You will need at least 3 copies of this document signed for binding,


Registration, Leave of Absence, and Application for Degree Forms

All Enrollment and Registration Forms are available at OHSU's Registrar's Office, including: 

Transfer Forms

Course Transfers and Waivers of Core Courses must be pre-approved by the department. Please contact Tree Triano, Education Manager, to discuss either request before you submit the paperwork.

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