Current Student Resources

In addition to the thesis information, internship guidelines, and other program resources found in the Student Resources section of our website, students will also find the following information, links, and documents useful.



Oregon MPH Handbook

Biostatistics Graduate Programs Handbook (Certificate, MS) 


Graduate Studies

The website of OHSU's Office of Graduate Studies provides useful links for current and prospective students that are general to all OHSU students.  Here you will find the Graduate Student Handbook and links to all Graduate Studies forms, policies, and guidelines.  There is also a section on student life, student health, and student interest groups. Please familiarize yourself with the Graduate By-Laws and the Guidelines and Regulations for Completion of Masters and Ph.D. Degrees.


MPH Student Publications

Our department maintains a list of publications from our MPH alumni for your review.  Please keep us informed about your publications when you graduate so that we can add them to our list!


The PHPM Computer Lab

Our computer lab is located on the 6th floor of the Campus Services Building and is open to all MPH and Biostatistics students any time of the day.  We have 22 workstations, offering all the statistical software used in the classes.

Public Use Datasets


IT Resources for Current Students


Purchasing Statistical Software

With your student ID, you can purchase educational software from any campus store if the store has it in stock. Here are your purchasing options for the programs used in OHSU biostatistics courses:


Stata/IC software license prices for students are $98 (annual) or $179 (perpetual). To order a copy for pick up at the university, contact StataCorp directly:
Phone: 800-782-8272 (Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 Central Time)
Fax: 979-696-4601
Online: (Ordering online is easiest!)

Be sure to include your OHSU.EDU email address when ordering. Once your order
is processed, you will be contacted by a StataCorp sales person with campus
pick up times and location. Typically, orders are available for pick up
within 2 or 3 business days after the order is placed.
Payment may be by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
or a faxed university purchase order. To pay by check, please mail a check
payable to StataCorp with your order to
4905 Lakeway Drive
College Station, TX 77845



You can purchase SAS through the OHSU library: The cost for a single new license is $225, a single license renewal is $150, and installation CDs are available for $60. The license is annual and will expire every November. You can also purchase through SAS directly:



Computers with SPSS software are available in CSB 620 (open 24 hours for OHSU students with student ID badges), the computer lab in SON (nursing students), the medical informatics computer lab (medical informatics students), and the OHSU library (hit and miss, ask at the information desk). It’s also available at PSU in general access computer labs supported by OIT including the Broadway lab, the library, Neuberger basement, etc.


If you would like to purchase a Grad Pack or Student Version, you will find copies at the OHSU Campus Store.



Professional Development Resources

Lectures by Dr. Elena M. Andresen, PhD: 


Review and Critical Appraisal Skills for Peer-Reviewed Journals, a.k.a. "reviewing & responding to reviews"


Writing for and Targeting Peer-review Journals for Research and Scholarship



Photography & Graphic Design

Photography & Graphic Design serves the OHSU community and beyond with custom photography and graphics output. Services range from digital photography and scanning to large-format poster design and printing. provides poster consultation and design. Custom-formatted PowerPoint templates are available. Please note there is a charge for consulting and printing services; however, free templates are available online. Contact or (503) 494-8040 for more information.


Effective Group Collaboration


Group Process - Principles

Group Process - Body Language
Group Process - Listening
Group Process - Conflict