The Doctoral Program in Epidemiology is open to students with a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. A master's degree in a relevant field is advised before admission into the PhD program. In general, a student with a completed masters degree in epidemiology would be prepared to take the qualifying exam at the completion of one additional academic year.

Application for Admission

For admission to the PhD in Epidemiology program, prospective students must apply directly through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS) system, the centralized application service for CEPH accredited schools and programs of public health. We are listed under "Oregon MPH Program".

With rare exceptions, doctoral students are admitted in the fall of each academic year. For full consideration for TA or GA opportunities, applications for the academic year 2015 (Fall 2015), should be submitted via SOPHAS by December 1, 2014.  Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2015.

Applicants submit the following materials directly to SOPHAS:

  • Official transcripts
  • Official scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) from ETS (submitted to code 1045). Applicants whose GRE scores are more than five years old are strongly encouraged to retake the exam.The Institution code for OHSU is 4865. OHSU School of Medicine minimum desired GRE scores are:
    • Verbal 500/153
    • Quantitative 600/148
    • Analytical Writing 4.5
  • Official TOEFL scores if the applicant does not speak English as a native language and has not received a graduate or undergraduate degree in an English-speaking territory. (Code: 1045) 
  • All applicants with foreign degrees are required to obtain a World Education Service (WES) ICAP course-by-course credential evaluation (cost $205.00). Please consult WES's website for instructions Applicants are responsible for the full cost of this service.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate the applicant's potential for success in the doctoral program.
  • Confirmation of completion of minimum pre-requisites (one graduate-level courses in: epidemiology; biostatistics; and human biology or pathophysiology)
  • Personal statement (approximately 500 words) addressing areas of research interests; career goals; relevant experiences in teaching, researching, publishing, and/or volunteering; and how the epidemiology program connects to academic and professional goals.
  • One academic, public-health, or epidemiology writing sample. Some examples might be a paper written for a graduate course, a published academic journal article, or a professional paper. Please submit a writing sample for which you are the sole or primary author.
  • Curriculum vitae or resume.  

All test scores must be no more than 5 years old at the time of application.