Travel Safety

Compiled and edited by Jay D. Kravitz, MD, MPH

Travel Safety

12 Travel Diseases to be knowledgeable about before your trip & after your return are summarized in this document. When traveling abroad, one must be cognizant of current prevailing, infectious disease risks. Consultation with a travel clinic is prudent. Traveler assistance with vaccine-preventable diseases, medication, and other common-sense strategies should be sought.


Travel Safety Information

Welcome to the Oregon Health and Science University, Global Health Center's general travel information section. The information provided on the Global Health Center website is meant to guide, not substitute for more rigorous efforts, your overseas journey preparations. For complete information, consult the "Yellow Book," published by the Centers for Disease and Prevention.

Travel Advice, Kits & Personal Medications

Tom Hoggard MD's (Dr. Global Health!) Travel Kit & Advice

Tom Hoggard MD & Mary Burry MD, (Dr & Dr Global Health!) Travel Medications
(for Personal Use during Disasters or Prolonged Visits to the Developing World)