Conversations in Global Health

Conversations in Global Health

Conversations in Global Health is a forum dedicated to discussions of global or local topical interest.

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This seminar is open to all within the OHSU community and the general public. Sessions are held on most Wednesdays during the academic year (October through May), 5:15PM - 6:15PM in Room: UH8B60

Conversations AY 2015 Recordings

Security is a State of Mind, Speaker: Paul Bollinger, MPH;  Senior Project Manager, Health Share of Oregon: Travel Security Preparation; Former Emergency Relief Risk Advisor; Medical Teams International; Tigard, Oregon   View recording

"Teach a man to fish”: Capacity Building for Research in Middle-& Low-Income Countries in Action, Speaker: A. Sonia Buist, MD; Professor Emerita of Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University; American Thoracic Society, Program Director for the MECOR Program (Methods in Epidemiologic, Clinical and Operations Research)   View recording

Haiti: from Quake to Present, Karen Kwong, MD; Chief of General Surgery Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center; Director of International Surgery for Surgery Residency, Oregon Health & Sciences University; U.S. Director, Belle Anse Timoun Family School (Haitian school for kids who can't afford public school); Treasurer/Board Member, Lane Haitian Relief (Oregon non profit Medical Mission to Haiti)   View recording

Providing Physical Rehabilitation Services in Low Resource Countries, Speaker: Marion McGowan; Executive Director, Mobility Outreach International; Seattle, Washington.   View recording

Global Impact of Suicide and Depression, Jack Crossen, PhD; Chief of Counseling and Behavioral Health Services, Joseph B. Trainer Health Center, Oregon Health & Science University View recording

My East African Odyssey, Furaha “Alex” Rwatambuga, Research Assistant, Oregon Health & Science University  View recording

Hope Floats; Nongovernmental Organization Providing Health Care to Remote Pacific Island NationsRichard Hackett, President & Founder, Sea Mercy View recording

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sweatshop: Lessons Learned in Changing the Social Determinants of Health George Feldman, MD and Virginia Feldman, MD  View recording

“Germs attack white blood cells:" Health knowledge in a rural Masaai village Speaker: Heidi Beebe McLaughlin, Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology; Pacific Lutheran University  View recording

Introduction to Conversations in Global Health, Jay D. Kravitz, MD, MPH; Senior Instructor, Global Health Center; Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.  View recording


Conversations A/Y 2014 Recordings

Typhoon Haiyan: Humanitarian Response by Medical Teams International in The Philippines, Debbie Bailey; Emergency Relief Programs Coordinator;  View recording

Palau, at Rainbow's End; Opportunities and Challenges of Working in Paradise, Inger Appanaitis, MPH; Accreditation Coordinator, Health Policy, Research & Development, Ministry of Health, Republic of Palau. View recording

Security Preparation when Traveling Abroad, Paul Bollinger, MPH; Senior Project Manager, Healthshare of Oregon, Former Emergency Relief Risk Advisor; Medical Teams International; Tigard, Oregon. View recording

Global Incidence and Prevention of Suicide, Jack Crossen, PhD; Chief of Counseling and Behavioral Health at Joseph B. Trainer Health and Wellness Center; Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Oregon Health & Science University. View recording

Green Village Schools Project in Afghanistan, Mohammad Kharoti, Founder; President, Board of Directors. Website  View recording

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Post-conflict Sierra Leone- One Personal Tale, Martin Smilkstein, MD; Emergency Medicine physician and malaria researcher. View recording

Travel Medicine, Amy Gardner, MD, MSPH, FACP; Director, Joseph B. Trainer Student Health Service; Oregon Health & Science University. View recording

African Trained Surgeons - the Cure for the Brain Drain, James Peck, MD; Surgeon; Former Director of the Oregon Medical Board. View recording

Surgical Disease as a Public Health Menace, Mackenzie R. Cook, MD; Surgery Resident; Oregon Health & Science University. View recording

Make Art/Stop AIDS: How You Can Use Art and Cinematography to Bring About Awareness of HIV, Linn Bergander, OHSU Physicians Assistant student.  View recording

Thinking Outside the Medical Model Box: The Vital Role of Trainees & Non-Health Professionals in Solving Global Health Issues; How Best to Approach AIDS, Childhood Mortality, Malaria, Cardiovascular Disease, and the Desperate Health Situation of Widows Globally, Dr. George & Dr. Ginny Feldman; Retired Kaiser Permanente Physicians.  View recording

The Role of Addiction in HIV: The Vietnam Experience, Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH; Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine; Oregon Health & Science University. View recording

Micronutrient Deficiencies in Nepal, Marie Long, MD; Neurosurgeon; Corvallis, Oregon. View recording

Chainsaws and Stethoscopes or: How You Save Rain Forests with a Stethoscope, Kinari Webb, MD; Founder and Director of Health in Harmony’s Alam Sehat Lestari program in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.  View recording

Tuberculosis: Ancient Disease – Newer Diagnostics and Treatments on the Horizon, Deborah Lewinsohn, MD; Department of Pediatrics; Oregon Health & Science University; David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD; Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine; Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center. View recording

Mobile Dental Services in the Portland Metro Area, Matt Stiller; Manager, Mobile Dental Program – Oregon Medical Teams International. View recording

Global Health Equity: Justice Sector Partnerships to Promote Global Health, Mark West, JD, PhD; lawyer and anthropologist; Director, Global Health Equity programs for the East-West Management Institute, Seattle Washington; Leah Cronn, JD; Adjunct Instructor of Access to Education, Portland State University; General Counsel/Business Development at The Hecht Group. View recording

Global Health Ethics: Assets, Perspectives, and other Conundrums, Jessica Evert, MD, Executive Director, Child Family Health International, Clinical Faculty, University of California-San Francisco; Department of Family and Community Medicine View recording

Conversations A/Y 2013 Recordings

  • Pigs, parasites, politics, patience: conducting research in the Ban Mai Noi Soi refugee camp Ellen McCleery. Second-year MPH student at OHSU; works with the State of Oregon Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Program, View recording
  • Adventures in adolescent reproductive health in the Dominican Republic Jessica Cruz, RN; OHSU labor and delivery nurse; Christen O’Haire, PhD, RN; OHSU Nurse Midwifery student. View recording
  • One million suicide deaths per year is a global health problem. Jack Crossen, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Chief of Counseling and Behavioral Health Services; Oregon Health & Science University.  View recording
  • Hope in Hell. James Peck, MD Vascular Surgeon; Former Medical Director of the Oregon Medical Board.  View recording
  • Shall Portland Fluoridate its Drinking Water Supply? Health Benefits and Social Justice over Controversy.  Eli Schwarz, DDS, MPH, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Community Dentistry, Oregon Health & Science University. GRAND ROUNDS - Sponsored by: The Division of Health Services Research, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.  View recording<
  • Hunger Games: Targeting malnutrition in mountain villages of eastern Honduras). Diane Stadler, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Clinical Nutrition; Division of Health Promotion and Sports Medicine, Department of Medicine; Director, Graduate Program in Human Nutrition, Oregon Health & Science University. View recording
  • Development of the Emergency Medical System (EMS) in Sri Lanka, responding to the needs of tsunami victims and post civil war internally displaced persons (IDPs). Chamara Ekanayaka. EMS Trainer and System Developer for Sri Lanka; Fulbright Scholar - EMS Intern, Washington County, Oregon - Public Health Division. View recording
  • Preparing for international travel, Amy Gardner MD, MSPH, FACP Director, Joseph B. Trainer Student Health Service Oregon Health & Science University. View recording
  • Strengthening the prevention and treatment of injuries globally, Charles Mock, MD, PhD, FACS Professor of Surgery with joint appointments: Professor of Global Health and Professor of Epidemiology Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center University of Washington.  View recording
  • Chwele, Kenya: a story of health and community development - and labor of love, Grace Kuto, Co-Founder and past President of Harambee Center; Stellar Yi, pharmacy student participant.  View recording
  • Understanding Cultural Diversity in the Asian Community for the Healthcare Provider, John T. Pham, D.O, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Northwest. View recording
  • You Needn't/Shouldn't Be Medical To Solve Global Health Problems, OR Take Your Non-medical Partner, Spouse, Kids, Grandmother On Your Project, Virginia Feldman, MD, Pediatrician, Kaiser Permanente; Volunteer physician at The Essential Health Clinic and Wallace Medical Concern, George Feldman, MD, Internist, Kaiser Permanente; Volunteer physician at The Essential Health Clinic.  View recording
  • HIV stigma in Tanzania, Megan Erikson, Physician Assistant student, Co-Producer of the film, WAZI. View recording
  • Emergencies of scale: Delivering humanitarian aid in the world's largest refugee camp and a sprawling urban slum, Anna Mapes, RN, BSN; OHSU pediatrics and adult emergency room nurse Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) - Doctors Without Borders volunteer. View recording
  • "Greening" hospitals and the convoluted path of international chemical policies, Maye Thompson, RN, PhD. Public health nurse with a focus on environmental health policy: lead, mercury, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, air pollution, and chemicals reform; Former Environmental Health Program Director, Oregon Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.  View recording
  • Because we know, we can make a difference: Community-based participatory research in rural Nicaragua, Laura Chanchien Parajón, MD, MPH; Medical Director and Co-Founder of AMOS Health and Hope, David G. Parajón, MD, MPH, MBA; Co-founder and Co-director of AMOS Health and Hope.  View recording
  • Disaster psychiatry and the Libyan experience, Omar Reda, MD, OHSU Department of Psychiatry.  View recording

Conversation A/Y 2012 recordings

  • Thirty Years of HIV/AIDS: Reflections on a Professional Journey Mark O. Loveless, MD, MHA View recording
  • Public and Environmental Health Impacts of Nuclear Weapons,  Robert M. Gould, MD.  View recording
  • HIV/AIDS in Displaced Populations, Kelli O'Laughlin, MD, MPH.  View recording
  • Social Representations of Breast Cancer in Indigenous Communities in the State of Meta, Colombia, Lourdes Carrera – Associate Dean, Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, et al.  View recording
  • Tsunami Disaster Response in Japan, Daisuke Yamashita, MD.  View recording

  • Diabetes and Other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs): World Report of the 2011 United Nations Summit on NCDs, Jonathan Betz Brown, MPP, PhD. View recording

  • Preparation for Overseas Travel, Amy Gardner, MD Medical Director of the Student Health Clinic at OHSU.  View recording
  • GRAMMA-2-GRAMMA: Caring for AIDS orphans in Tanzania, Jann Mitchell, Bibi Jann Children’s Care Trust.  View recording
  • Mental Health in Communities Living on Less than $2 per Day: Responding to Mental Health Problems in the Field, Clark Martin, PhD – Clinical Psychologist. View recording
  • Water is Life in the Developing World - Technologies, Successes, and Challenges. Micro-hydro electrical generation; solar and ram pumps for community drinking water and irrigation: their impact on health and livelihood opportunities, Michel Maupoux, ME, MS; Technical Director, Green Empowerment. View recording
  • International Research Ethics: Bad Practices and Good Models to Emulate, Susan Bankowski, MS, JD – Director of the OHSU Institutional Review Board.  View recording
  • Oral health as part of general health in a global context, Eli Schwarz, KOD, DDS, MPH, PhD, FHKAM, FCDSHK, FACD, FRACDS Professor OHSU School of Dentistry.  View recording
  • What Doesn't He Have? Real Life Story from Ethiopia, Kirsten Lampi, MS, PhD, Professor, OHSU Integrative Biosciences.  View recording
  • A Global View of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Guang Fan, MD, PhD – Hematopathology Fellowship Program Director; Hematology Laboratory Medical Director; Flow Cytometry Laboratory Medical Director, OHSU.  View recording
  • Putting Yourself Out Of Business: A Potpouri of Community Health Worker Program Models: Belize, Peru, and India. Drs. George and Virginia Feldman & Dr. Steve Sethi. View recording
  • African Partnership for Health: Building Alliances between Health Providers and African Refugees and Immigrants. Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, Lutheran Community Services. View recording
  • Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine: An elective course in Lima and Iquitos, Peru. Stacy Sprando: 3rd year student, School of Medicine, OHSU. View recording
  • Dentistry in the Himalayas.  Jesse Hollander: 4th year student, School of Dentistry, OHSU.  View recording
  • Pediatric Health Elective in La Paz, Bolivia. Ashley Tran, 4th year student, School of Medicine, OHSU. View recording
  • Talking about Tobacco in Medellin, Colombia. Britt Severson, MPH; 4th year student, School of Medicine, OHSU.  View recording
  • Epidemiology of Waterborne Zoonotic Pathogens at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface. David Bruce Conn, M.S., Ph.D. Dean, School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Berry College. View recording
  • Nuclear Famine:  A Billion People at Risk.  Global Impacts of Limited Nuclear War on Agriculture and Food Supplies  Catherine Thomasson, MD, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility.  View recording

The 4th Annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture in Global Health

"U.S. Health in International Perspective,"

Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D. President of the Institute of Medicine. View lecture recording.
  • 00:25 - 03:46 Welcome
  • 03:46 - 06:06 Introduction
  • 06:06 - 55:48 Lecture
  • 55:48 - 56:41 Closing Remarks

The 3rd Annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture in Global Health

An excellent and extremely interesting speech "Climate Change:  Grand Challenge for Global Health" was presented by Dr. Howard Frumkin at The 3rd Annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture in Global Health.  Dr. Frumkin's speech starts at 00:05:00 into the recording.  View recording

The 2nd Annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture in Global Health

"TIA" – This is AIDS:  Turning a Medical Crisis into an Opportunity for Progress

Robert T. Schooley, MD  is chief of Infectious Disease at the University of California, San Diego.  He directed the ACTG trials, and also works in hepatitis, CMV, EBV, and drug resistant TB.  He collaborates with groups in India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and has developed a partnership with Mozambique's leading medical school to address their physician workforce shortage, and to bring research to the region. 2012 Lecture recording

The 1st Annual Kathryn Robertson Memorial Lecture in Global Health

Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter's lecture titled  "The Health of Our World" commenced with the following words:

"It is a true honor to give this inaugural lecture in memory of Katie Robertson. As we just heard very movingly from her father, Katie was a young woman who lived fully and passionately in her too short life.  She was vibrant, a word that reoccurs over and over in descriptions of her, and a word of course, that means full of life. Anyone who loves to dance as much as she did, and particularly dances like Tango or Salsa which  smolder and whirl with sensuality and  intense emotion, distilled into disciplined movement, touches the vein of sheer joy and abandon that is expressed in dancing in every culture and is part of our shared humanity. It is that connection across cultures, that awareness of interconnected humanity, that will be the theme of my lecture today…"

Anne-Marie Slaughter, J.D., D.Phil.

Click to view video of the event ?  Or toggle to specific start times below:

  • 0hr 00m 00s  David Robinson, OHSU Interim Provost
  • 0hr 02m 30s  Joe Robertson, OHSU President
  • 0hr 13m 30s  Peter Spencer, OHSU GHC Director
  • 0hr 21m 00s  Anne-Marie Slaughter, Guest Speaker
  • 1hr 10m 30s  Peter Spencer, OHSU GHC Director

Read lecture review: A bold new vision of global health

Anne-Marie Slaughter, J.D., D.Phil. is the Bert G. Kerstetter '66 Professor of Politics & International Affairs and Former Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University.

As Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department from January 2009-2011, Dr. Slaughter played a key role in helping to make global health a much more central part of U.S. foreign policy. That was one of the outcomes of the recently published Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (, which she helped to lead. Dr. Slaughter will talk about the new global health initiative and relate it to a society-focused approach to global affairs.