MD-MPH Scholarships

Tartar Trust Research Fellowship Program:

Tartar Trust Fellowships support research endeavors in the OHSU School of Medicine. Open only to Oregon residents, applications are available from Sandra Kollenburn (4-5649) and must be received by February 15th by 12 noon. The award is up to $2000. The Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) Program Eight to twelve weeks at one of seven National Training Centers. Stipend is $3462 for 8 weeks. Student needs faculty sponsor at OHSU. 

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OHSU Medical Auxiliary Scholarship:

Open to medical students. Information available in the Dean's office.


The Harold T. Osterud MD-MPH Scholarship

This partial tuition scholarship for MD-MPH students is the legacy of Dr. Harold Osterud who served as the Chair of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at OHSU from 1967 to 1990.  Please contact for more information.


Other Scholarships

The Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship One $5,000 scholarship is awarded to a medical student who graduated from a high school in Southeast Alaska.


Deadline: June 15  



The Scholars Fund The AMA Alliance raises money each year for medical schools to distribute at their discretion to deserving students, and the AMA Foundation keeps track of these donations. Your school’s account balance will be available in March.  Scholarships must be $1,000 or more.

Deadline: July 1