PHPM 507 Qualitative Research Methods

Instructors: Traci Rieckmann, PhD, and Raina Croff, PhD

Course Description: Students will discover how qualitative and quantitative research can work together to form a more comprehensive research project.  Students will learn various approaches to qualitative research and study design, and how to select questions that best meet the aim of the research project and that resonate with the target population.  Students will learn and practice qualitative questioning models such as open- and closed-ended, semi-structured and structured, explanatory and exploratory, and descriptive and predictive.  The course will also cover methods of data organization, data processing, and data evaluation, including data coding and theme extraction.  Class discussion will address ethical guidelines to conducting, compiling, and disseminating qualitative research, and approaches to making and maintaining informant relationships.   

Credits: 2

Term Offered: Spring

Pre-requisite:  Matriculation into the MPH program.  Others with instructor permission.