PHPM 573 Disability and Public Health

Instructor(s): Elena Andresen, PhD

Course Description This course will provide an overview of the field of disability and how disability issues can be incorporated into public health research and practice.  The course takes a population and epidemiologic perspective.  Topics to be discussed include the following: 1) models of public health, the core public health functions, and the extension to disability; 2) models of disability and their extension to public health; 3) disability goals in USA/PHS Healthy People; 4) special issues and methods for research; 5) disability culture across the age-span ; 6) an overview of disability-relevant agencies and key policies;  and 7) disability in recent USA health policy and research planning and agendas. Particular attention will be paid to how disability relates to public health approach of assessment, policy development, and assurance. All students will be required to write a research paper on a topic of current interest related to disability and public health.

Credits 3
Term Offered Winter or Spring
Prerequisite one graduate course in epidemiology, biostatistics, or permission of instructor