PHPM 512 Epidemiology I

Instructor(s): John Stull, MD, MPH

Course Description This is the first course in a three course sequence designed for MPH Epidemiology and MPH in Biostatistics majors. Basic epidemiological principles applicable to infectious and non-infectious diseases, host-agent-environmental relationships, and concepts of disease causation will be reviewed. Students will gain familiarity with epidemiologic measures such as incidence, prevalence, mortality, natality, case fatality, relative risk and other rates and ratios and will use age-adjustment and other standardization techniques. Types and sources of public health data will be reviewed, their use in comparing groups, and statistical significance. Epidemic curves, outbreak investigation principles, surveillance concepts and basic designs of observational studies and sources of bias will be covered.

Credits 4
Term Offered Fall
Prerequisite Admission to the MPH program or Biostatistics Graduate Certificate or MS program; concurrent registration in BSTA 511 or comparable biostatistics course.