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MPH Course Listing and Descriptions

Select a title below for a complete course description.  Textbook information is listed on our Courses and Schedules page.

Epi-Bio MPH students should review the Biostatistics Certificate/MS course listings because those courses are also open to MPH students in our track.

Course Title
PHPM 503
PHPM 504
Field Experience
PHPM 505
Reading and Conference
PHPM 507
Interventional Infectious Disease Clinical Trials
PHPM 507
Genomics and Public Health: Current Issues and Future Trends in Healthcare and Policy 
PHPM 507
Epidemiology of Addictive Behaviors
PHPM 507
Qualitative Research Methods
PHPM 512
Epidemiology I
PHPM 513
Epidemiology II: Methods
PHPM 514
Epidemiology III: Causation
PHPM 515
Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
PHPM 517
Principles of Health Behavior
PHPM 518
Concepts of Environmental Health
PHPM 519
Health Systems Organization
PHPM 520
Ethics and Epidemiology
PHPM 524
Introduction to Biostatistics
PHPM 525
Biostatistics I (cross-listed as BSTA 511/611 Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Applied Biostatistics)
PHPM 526
Biostatistics II (cross-listed as BSTA 512/612 Linear Models)
PHPM 527
Biostatistics III (cross-listed as BSTA 513 Categorical Data Analysis)
BSTA 514
Survival Analysis
BSTA 518
Spatial Data Analysis with GIS (formerly PHPM 533)
BSTA 515
Computer Applications in Biostatistics (SAS) (formerly PHPM 534)
PHPM 540
Introduction to Research Design
BSTA 517
Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials (formerly PHPM 541)
PHPM 553
Women's Health Epidemiology
PHPM 555
Nutritional Epidemiology
PHPM 556
HIV/AIDS Epidemiology
PHPM 563
PharmacoEcon Epidemiology
PHPM 566
Current Issues in Public Health
PHPM 567
Global Health Epidemiology
PHPM 568
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
PHPM 571
American Indian/Alaska Native Health
PHPM 572
Adolescent Risky Behavior Epidemiology
PHPM 573
Disability and Public Health
PHPM 574
Forensic Epidemiology
PHPM 575
Maternal and Child Health Survey
PHPM 576 Chronic Disease Epidemiology