Graduate Courses

Epidemiology Courses

Select a title below for a complete course description.  Textbook information is listed on our Courses and Schedules page.

PHPM 504 Field Experience
PHPM 505 Reading and Conference
PHPM 507 Qualitative Research Methods
PHPM 512 Epidemiology I
PHPM 513 Epidemiology II: Methods
PHPM 514 Epidemiology III: Causation
PHPM 515 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
PHPM 517 Principles of Health Behavior
PHPM 516
Etiology of Disease
PHPM 518 Concepts of Environmental Health
PHPM 519 Health Systems Organization
PHPM 520 Ethics
PHPM 524 Introduction to Biostatistics
PHPM 540 Introduction to Research Design
PHPM 556 HIV/AIDS Epidemiology
PHPM 566 Current Issues in Public Health
PHPM 567 Global Health Epidemiology
PHPM 568 Infectious Disease Epidemiology   
PHPM 571 American Indian/Alaska Native Health
PHPM 576 Chronic Disease Epidemiology
PHPM 605
Epidemiology Dissertation
PHPM 605
Reading and Conference
PHPM 610
Epidemiology Doctoral Seminar
PHPM 630
Epidemiology Journal Club
PHPM 650
Mentored Research Experience
PHPM 660
Mentored Epidemiology Teaching