How to Register

Registration for Classes:  General Instructions

  • Education Coordinator Natalie Chin should be your first point of contact for all registration related questions, and only after you have thoroughly reviewed the information on this web page.  It is best if you set up a time to meet with her or touch base over the phone or via email rather than drop in. Natalie can be reached at or 503-494-1158. Please do not contact other staff about registration issues unless your need is extremely urgent. 
  • Our Courses and Schedules page contains current course offerings and course registration numbers (CRNs).  Any CRNs not available at the time we published our schedule will likely be found here: Graduate Studies Courses web page. 
  • Log onto ISIS, Student Information System to enroll in courses for which prerequisites have been satisfied. If prerequisites have not been satisfied, you will need to seek approval from the instructor and obtain the instructor's signature on the Registration Form to complete enrollment (an email from the instructor can be attached to the form in lieu of obtaining a signature).  This form should be faxed or delivered directly to the Registrar's Office, unless special department approval is required. Be sure to verify that your registration shows up wwithin 48 hours when you log into ISIS.
  • New Students:  You should have received your User/Student ID and PIN via separate, secure e-mails.  If you do not know your ID number, it is currently set up for you to be able to enter your SSN or a 970 number as the User ID.  If you forget your PIN or need to have it reset, contact the Helpdesk at 503-494-2222.  If you have not received your User/Student ID via an e-mail, you may contact the Registrar's Office at 503-494-7800.
  • Complete registration before add/drop deadlines (see Academic Calendar for the start and end dates of the quarterly registration periods). If the deadline has passed, you will not be able to add or drop the course(s) through ISIS and will need to obtain an add/drop card from the Registrar's Office. All students are responsible for knowing the add/drop deadlines, and students who do not register by the end of the second week of the term are at risk of being administratively withdrawn from the program. 
  • Registration is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Please do not postpone your registration.  We recommend that you register on the first day of registration because many of our classes fill quickly. We cannot give priority to one student over another.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not plan to register for any one quarter (expect Summer Quarter), you must petition for a Leave of Absence. Leave of Absence requests are approved for only one quarter at a time and must be submitted BEFORE the quarter begins. A maximum of 12 cumulative months can be taken as a leave of absence. The LOA form is found on the Registrar's website. Please consult the Graduate Council By-Laws (page 13) or this year's student handbook to review the policy on continuous enrollment. Failure to comply with this policy will result in an administrative withdrawal from the program. 
  • If you anticipate a credit overload (over 16 per term), please contact Natalie as soon as possible before the start of the term so that she may contact the Dean and request the overload on your behalf.  
  • Registration for any OHSU course requiring instructor permission must be completed using a paper registration form.  You may use an email from the instructor and attach it to the form in lieu of obtaining the instructor's signature.  Please be sure that the email from the instructor indicates the name, number, and term for the course.  Please fax the completed form to the Registrar's office using the number on the form or deliver it in person (basement of Mac Hall, across from the Mac Hall cafeteria). Check ISIS within 48 hours to make sure your registration has been processed.
  • Please note that students are automatically billed for health insurance.  If you already have health insurance and do not wish to be charged this fee, you must submit a health insurance waiver before the 1st of the month in which classes begin.   Please visit the Joseph B. Trainer Health & Welness website for more information and to obtain the health insurance waiver form: JBT Health.


Epi-Biostats MPH Students only: 


Oregon MPH joint campus registration form and instructions:


Non-Degree Seeking Students

Our programs generally do not permit non-degree students to enroll in MPH or Biostatistics Certificate courses; however, there are exceptions from time to time. If you wish to register for a course as a non-degree student, contact the instructor first to obtain permission to enroll and then forward the permission to Education Assistant Natalie Chin at  Natalie manages the waiting lists for all courses and can provide feedback about the status of the class and the likelihood that you can enroll once we move the MPH and any other prioritized students off the waiting lists.  

Once you obtain permission to enroll in the class and confirm that there is indeed space for you in it, you will need to complete a non-degree student application, if you have not done so already.  It typically takes the Registrar's Office about a week to process the non-degree application, so please plan accordingly. Upon receiving confirmation from the Registrar's Office that your application has been processed, please submit a paper registration form  to the Registrar's office either in person or using the fax number provided on the form.  The paper registration form indicates that the instructor signature is needed; however, an email from the instructor can be used in lieu of the signature as long as you attach the email and indicate the attachment on the registration form.


Auditing Students

Auditing students must pay full tuition and register like a regular student. If you are not in one of our degree or certificate programs but wish to audit one of our classes, please refer to the instructions for non-degree students noted above.

Our program is committed to all students achieving their potential. If you have a disability or think you may have a disability (including but not limited to physical, hearing, vision, psychological and learning disabilities), which may need an accommodation, please contact the instructor or program coordinator or the Director of the Office for Student Access at 503-494-0082 to discuss your request. Because accommodations can take time to implement it is important to have this discussion as soon as possible. All information regarding a student’s disability is kept in accordance with relevant state and federal laws.