BSTA 531 Lean Six Sigma I

Instructor:  Don Lewis, PhD

Course Description: A high-performing organization is one that understands how to improve.  Continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and profitability is accelerated by applying the philosophies and methodologies of structured process improvement.  This course will focus on the particular form of known in the business community as “Lean Six Sigma.”  In recent years many of U.S. industry’s most well-known companies, government agencies, and an increasing number of healthcare organizations, have implemented organization-wide Lean Six Sigma initiatives that have returned significant financial and customer satisfaction benefits.  Professionals and managers in the broad field of health care delivery need to be aware of and skilled in the essential elements of this methodology in order to achieve significant improvement in patient care as well as the bottom line.  As such, a central element of this course will be the completion of a performance improvement project by teams of students in an actual client organization.

This course is the first in a two-part series, which includes the follow-up course, BSTA 532, offered during the Spring term.  Students should plan to take both courses to obtain the full benefit of each course.

Credits: 3

Term Offered:  Fall

Prerequisite:  undergraduate introductory statistics course or the equivalent (recommended)


Fall 2011 Syllabus