BSTA 518 Spatial Data Analysis with GIS

Instructor(s): Dongseok Choi, PhD

Course Description This course is designed for students in Biostatistics Certificate Program, the MPH Epidemiology track and MPH Biostatistics track in the Oregon MPH program and others who are interested in GIS/Spatial Statistics applications for environmental and health related research. Geographic information system (GIS) software is a powerful tool for assessment, decision-making, and information sharing. GIS provides a platform for the analysis of health data in relationship to population demographics, socioeconomic factors, surrounding social and health services, and the natural environment. The course will also cover basic statistical methods for the analysis of spatial data such as kriging and spatial clustering. The class will be taught in a computer lab and students are required to do a course project with a data set throughout the quarter under the supervision of the instructor.

Credits 3

Term Offered Summer

Prerequisite BSTA 512 Linear Models equivalent or permission of instructor

PHPM Cross-Listing This course is the equivalent of and is replacing PHPM 533.