BSTA 511 Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Applied Biostatistics

Instructor(s): Jodi Lapidus, PhD

Course Description This course is designed for students in the Biostatistics Certificate Program, the MS in Biostatistics Program, the Epidemiology & Biostatistics Track of the Oregon MPH program, and others who will go on to take Biostatistics 2 and 3. A broad range of topics in probability, distribution, estimation and hypothesis testing will be covered. These will be followed by nonparametric methods and simple methods for categorical data. In addition, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and correlation and simple linear regression will be covered. Most homework will require using statistical software (Stata, R).

Credits 4

Term Offered Fall

Prerequisite Admission to the MPH, Biostatistics Certificate, or MS in Biostatistics Program, or permission of the instructor.

PHPM Cross-Listing PHPM 525 Biostatistics I (MPH students must register using the PHPM prefix; all others must register under BSTA 511)