Biostatistics Graduate Courses

Please refer to our quarterly course schedules for detailed information about course times and locations.

The following courses are designed for the Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics and the MS/MBST in Biostatistics.  Student in the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Track of the Oregon MPH program may also take courses from this list.


Course Title
BSTA 500 Reading and Research in Biostatistics
BSTA 504 Topics in Biostatistics
BSTA 510 Biostatistics Lab
BSTA 511 Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Applied Biostatistics
BSTA 512 Linear Models
BSTA 513 Categorical Data Analysis
BSTA 514 Survival Analysis
BSTA 515 Data Management and Analysis in SAS
BSTA 516 Design and Analysis of Surveys
BSTA 517 Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials
BSTA 518 Spatial Data Analysis with GIS
BSTA 519 Longitudinal Data Analysis
BSTA 521 Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis
BSTA 550 Introduction to Probability
BSTA 551 Mathematical Statistics I
BSTA 552 Mathematical Statistics II
PHPM 512
Epidemiology I
PHPM 513
Epidemiology II
BMI 550
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology I: Algorithms
BMI 551
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology II: Statistical Methods