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Public Health and Preventive Medicine Education Programs offer a series of rigorous courses in epidemiology and biostatistics, experiential learning sessions, and a mentored thesis experience that will hone analytical skills and synthesize coursework.  Our faculty consists of experienced instructors and experts in their respective fields. 

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MPH and Biostatistics MS/MBST Certificate Course Schedules

Spring 2014 Course Schedules
MPH Schedule (updated 3/20/2014)
* IMPORTANT:  Make note of the add/drop and registration deadlines on the academic calendar.  MPH and Biostatistics students are considered "Medical Graduates," so be sure you are consulting the correct academic calendar. 
Spring 2014 Textbook information
Winter 2014 Course Schedules
MPH Schedule (updated 1/9/2014)
Winter 2014 Textbook Information
MPH Textbook List (uploaded 12/19/2013)
BSTA (MS and CERT) Textbook List (uploaded 12/19/2013)
Fall 2013 Course Schedules
MPH Schedule (updated 8/13/2013)
Fall 2013 Textbook Information
Summer 2013 Course Schedules
MPH Schedule (posted 4/25/2013)


All graduate school courses from all departments in the School of Medicine and their CRNs can be found on the master Graduate Course Schedule posted on the Graduate Studies website.  If you need a CRN or information about a class not posted on our departmental schedule, please consult the the Graduate Course Schedule:

School of Medicine Graduate Course Schedules


MPH Students must obtain approval for any OHSU course that does not have a PHPM or BSTA prefix.  Please contact Dr. William Lambert to determine if a course from another OHSU department could count as an approved MPH elective.  (Many courses in other departments do not block the registration of students from other programs.  Do not assume that a successful registration means that this course is an approved MPH elective unless explicitly stated on the MPH Course Schedule.  Also, ISIS may attribute such a course to your degree by default, but this cannot be assumed to be correct.  You must have written approval in your file.)

Biostatistics Certificate Students must choose only electives from the approved list indicated in the program requirements