The Division of Biostatistics is the primary unit in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University that provides statistical collaboration, training, and consulting. The division members maintain active methodology research in biostatistics and broad interdisciplinary research through collaborations with other investigators.

Biostatistical research topics include Bayesian analysis, categorical data analysis, complex sampling, clinical trial design, spatial-temporal modeling, statistical computing, statistical genetics and survival analysis.

The division offers a Master of Science and a Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics and contributes significantly to education and training programs such as the Oregon MPH Biostatistics track, the Human Investigators Program, the Summer Research Training Institute for American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals, and the Native Researchers' Cancer Control Training Program.

Our mission

The mission of the Division of Biostatistics are to improve the health of the public by incorporating Biostatistics into public health, clinical medicine and basic sciences by:

  • providing biostatistics leadership and expertise in interdisciplinary research;
  • educating students in theory, methods, and applications in Biostatistics;
  • advancing statistical methodology in biomedical research, and;
  • training a board range of biomedical researchers in biostatistical concepts and applications.

Primary Faculty

Name Title Current interests Main collaborations
Yiyi Chen, PhD Associate Professor Design and analysis of clinical trials Knight Cancer Institute

Bayesian Statistics OCTRI
Dongseok Choi, PhD Professor Big Data Casey Eye Institute

Statistical Learning GME & Rheumatology, SOM

High Dimensional Data School of Dentistry
Rochelle Fu, PhD  Professor Bayesian methods Emergency Medicine

Meta analysis Evidence-based Practice Center

Analysis of Medicare/Medicaid data Anesthesiology
Kenneth E. James, PhD  Professor Design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials VA
Jodi A. Lapidus, PhD  Professor Categorical data Child Development and Rehabilitation Center

Proteomics Center for Biomarker Discovery, Pediatrics

Design of community intervention trials CHR at Kaiser

Native health
Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
Eun Sul Lee, PhD Clinical Professor Complex survey design/analysis OCTRI

Mental health research
Shannon McWeeney, PhD Associate Professor Statistical Genetics Knight Cancer Institute

Bioinformatics OCTRI

Portland Alcohol Research Center

Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute

Vollum Institute
Jessica Minnier, PhD
Assistant Professor
High Dimensional Data
  Machine Learning
Motomi Mori, PhD Professor Oncology Clinical Trials Knight Cancer Institute

  Biomarker Studies OCTRI

Analysis of High-Throughput Genetics/Genomics Data
Thuan Nguyen, MD, PhD Associate Professor Mixed Effects Models Pediatrics

Model Selection OCTRI

Longitudinal Data
Byung S. Park, PhD Associate Professor General Linear Models Knight Cancer Institute

Microarrays OCTRI
Dawn Peters, PhD Associate Professor Clinical trial methodology  Casey Eye Institute

Randomization Division of Cardiology

Veterans Administration
Donald Pierce, PhD  Adjunct Professor Biostatistics theory OCTRI

Radiation research

Cohort study

Epidemiology statistics
N. David Yanez, PhD
Associate Professor


Other Key Faculty

Name Title Current interests  Primary Appointment
Christina Gullion, PhD  Affiliate Professor Longitudinal data anlaysis CHR at Kaiser 

Missing data

Psycholsocial measurements
Lori Lambert, MA Senior Instructor Cohort study Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation

Epidemiological statistics
Mike Lasarev, MS Senior Instructor Statistical computing CROET


Miguel Marino, PhD
Assistant Professor
 Family Medicine
Mary Ann McBurnie, PhD Affiliate Associate Professor Multi-center clinical trials CHR at Kaiser 

Coordinating Center OCTRI
Mara Tableman PhD Adjunct Professor Survival Analysis Dept. of Math & Stat Portland State U

Nonparametric methods


Links of Interest - Statistical Association/Societies

Resources for statistical computation

Grand rounds and seminar series