Military Wives Matter

This study is now closed for data collection. Thank you to all of the military spouses, veterans and current members of the military who have supported this study. Your candid feedback helped make this research a success. Data from this project will be shared with high level state and federal officials as well as other venues.



This internet-based study was sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health and conducted by Drs. Lewy and McFarland from Oregon Health & Science University. It was opened to participants May, 2010 and closed a year later. We began this study by interviewing 17 military wives. Their responses provided us with important feedback about what kinds of questions we should ask other military wives.  Information from the internet survey was collected on basic demographics such as where participants lived and number of deployments as well as mental health questions such as whether participants felt depressed, or if they felt their husbands might have PTSD.  Initially, we decided to focus on women because our interviews with wives suggested that they had very different needs than male spouses.  Later, the study was opened up to men as a pilot project so that we can put together a relevant questionnaire for them in the future.

By the end of data collection, we had information from 581 spouses (including 7 male spouses) from 45 states and 7 countries. We have just started analyzing the data but hope to have results to share by Fall, 2011. 

If you have any questions about this study and/or want to add a link to our resource page, please contact us at or 503 418-3768.