Developmental Brain Imaging Lab

The Developmental Brain Imaging Lab has been studying brain development in healthy and at-risk youth for several years. Studying this crucial time in development is necessary to enhance our understanding of changes in the developing brain and ways to prevent and treat such things as substance abuse and mood disorders that emerge during adolescence.

Developmental Brain Imaging Lab


The Developmental Brain Imaging Lab (DBIL) is housed in the Division of Psychology within the Department of Psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University and is led by Principal Investigator, Dr. Bonnie Nagel. Here you will be able to learn more about our staff, current research, and how your child can participate in our studies.

Thank you for your interest in our research, and remember to take care of your noggin!

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Be sure to check out our most recent lab newsletter for additional information on the lab's community involvement, current study recruitment details, and summaries of recently published findings.


Get the DBIL 2013 Newsletter here (PDF)


1. Which animal has the heaviest brain: a human, a giraffe, or a polar bear?

A: A giraffe

2. True or False? Your brain continues to change across the entire lifespan.

A: True

3. How many neurons does the average human have: 100 million, 1 billion or 100 billion?

A: There are about 100 billion neurons in the human brain. That’s how many stars there are in our galaxy!

4. What part of the brain is greatly involved in emotion: thalamus, putamen or amygdala?

A: Amygdala

5. True or False? The brain generally has more grey matter than white matter.

A: True

Bonus: What part of the brain is named after the Latin word for "little brain"?

A: Cerebellum