Clinical Rotations

Forensic Psychiatry Sample Schedule

6- month block: Oregon State Hospital full time

6- month block: Various Experiences as listed in table below

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
Sequoia Mental Health Services
  Bazelon Project - Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
Sequoia Mental Health Services
Telepsychiatry (AM)

Seminars (PM)

Week 2
Sequoia Mental Health Services
Willamette University Clinical Law Program
Private Practice
Sequoia Mental Health Services
Telepsychiatry (AM)

Seminars (PM)

Week 3
Seqouia Mental Health Services
Intercultural Psychiatry Program (IPP)
  Sequoia Mental Health Services
Telepsychiatry (AM)

Seminars (PM)

Week 4
Sequoia Mental Health Services
Willamette University Clinical Law Program
Private Practice
Sequoia Mental Health Services
Telepsychiatry (AM)

Seminars (PM)

Rotation Schedule Overview

The fellowship year is divided into three blocks. Two of them are 6-month blocks that occurs Monday through Thursday. The third block consists of didactics that occur every Friday for the entire year.

One block (the Oregon State Hospital block, or OSH block) is spent working at the Oregon State Hospital (OSH) in Salem, Oregon for four days per week for 6 months doing a variety of forensic evaluations, including competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility and Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) evaluations.

The second block (the Multi-Site block, or MS block) is composed of almost all of the rest of the rotations at various sites in Portland, Hillsboro, and Salem.

The Friday block, which is conducted at OHSU, consists of one half-day every other Friday of telepsychiatry (it starts early, at 7 a.m.) with a general correctional population, one hour of supervision time with Dr. Joseph Bloom alternating with landmark cases approximately every other week and formal didactics (two lectures) every Friday afternoon.

Rotations in Detail

Oregon State Hospital (OSH)

  • Inpatient and outpatient forensic psychiatry evaluation service
  • Salem
  • 6 months, Mon-Thurs, be there by 8 AM.
  • Christopher Lockey, M.D. is your main contact and your supervisor
  • Kat Forrest (503-945-9276) is the administrative assistant and she will help with many things, too.
  • Valerie Anderson (503-945-2853) helps with credentialing
  • Jeffery Jessel is the Volunteer Services guy to whom you send your monthly work hours.Email him once you start.He is on the email system there.
  • Wednesday 8-9 AM is the Forensic Evaluation Service (FES, your department) continuing education seminar, make sure you are there. You will probably be volunteered to give a presentation on a topic so be pro-active and volunteer to do a topic you like.
  • Thursday 8 AM is the scheduling meeting.Make sure you are there.
  • The FES is a great department and the psychologists will help you a lot
  • An average case load for a fellow consists of about two competency evaluations per week or one criminal responsibility per week.
  • All fellows have one hour of individual supervision per week with Dr. Lockey.Additional supervision on an as-needed basis.

Sequoia Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) Clinic

  • Community based outpatient clinic that provides intensive case management and mental health treatment to individuals who have a severe mental illness and significant involvement in the correctional system.
  • Located in Aloha and part of the Washington County Mental Health System and contracted by Sequoia Mental Health Services.
  • Six Month Rotation, Monday and Thursday, starting at 8:30 am.
  • Address and telephone number:4585 SW 185th Aloha, OR 97007, 503 352 0268. Lexie Kruse LPC, CADC (503 619 1911) is the Clinical Director.
  • On site staffing: Three Social Workers, and an administrative assistant.
  • Case load:60 patients.
  • Psychiatric fellow is the licensed medical provider for this clinic (LMP) and provides medication management and consultation for the FACT patient caseload.Supervision is provided by telephone by Landy Sparr (503) 939 4549.
  • For billing, Psychiatric fellow needs to provide hours to Abby Schwalb monthly.

Intercultural Psychiatric Program (IPP)

  • Cross-cultural outpatient clinic
  • SE Portland, get the address from Dr. Boehnlein.
  • 6 months, twice a month.
  • Dr. James Boehnlein (503-250-2674) is the supervisor, who will review and sign your reports.His email is in the OHSU directory.
  • Faculty consists of two psychiatrists, both of whom specialize in cultural psychiatry. One is the director of the program, Dr. Kinzie, who has extensive experience in cross-cultural psychiatric consultation. Dr. Boehnlein is the other psychiatrist has added qualifications in Forensic Psychiatry.Dr. Boehnlein works in the program one full day per week treating Cambodian and Latino populations.
  • Residents are supervised in the forensic psychiatric evaluation of individuals with pending asylum hearings and individuals being evaluated for Social Security Disability because of chronic and persistent mental illness.
  • The program's clinical population is about 1100, with 17 language groups from around the world. Patients come from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, Russia, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The program includes the Torture Treatment Center of Oregon and the Child Traumatic Stress Program. The gender ratio is approximately 2/3 female and 1/3 male. Diagnoses include the full spectrum of Axis I and II diagnoses, with a high prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression from trauma and violence. Patients are of low socioeconomic status. Treatment is primarily group therapy and pharmacotherapy.
  • This is a great opportunity for training in cross-cultural forensic psychiatry and for networking with attorneys and translators.

Clinical Law Program (CLP)

  • Willamette University College of Law, Clinical Law Program
  • Salem
  • 6 months, two days a month, usually the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • Warren Binford (503-370-6758, is the law school faculty in charge of the Law Clinic.Margaret Schue (503-370-6140,, her administrative assistant, will help with ID card and parking.
  • The client population consists of persons in need of legal services but unable to obtain those services due to low socioeconomic status.
  • Most of the forensic psychiatry work is done in the International Human Rights Clinic and the Child and Family Advocacy Clinic. The International Clinic meets on Tuesdays and the Family Clinic on Wednesdays. Fellows usually give one to two lectures in both clinics during the course of the semester.

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Performance Improvement Project

  • The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law is conducting a three-year Performance Improvement Project (PIP) with Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare in Portland designed to reduce reliance on law enforcement in responding to psychiatric emergencies.
  • Portland
  • 6 months 1 day per month
  • You will work with the Bazelon Project psychiatrist, William Nunley, M.D., M.P.H. (503-312-2429) analyzing data in part performing root cause analysis using evidence-based methodology.
  • The goal is to help mental health systems take responsibility for meeting the needs of clients at risk for arrest and incarceration.

Private Practice Forensics

  • Private practice psychiatry
  • Beaverton, OR
  • 6 months, 2 days per month
  • Stewart Newman, cell: 503-516-4110
  • You will review private forensic psychiatric cases, usually IMEs, disability cases and learn the logistics of establishing and maintaining a forensic psychiatry practice. You will also discuss landmark cases.

ODOC Telepsychiatry

  • Clinical care by real-time audio-video feed for prisoners in Ontario, Oregon
  • They are on Mountain Standard/Daylight Time – important when you are trying to work out logistics with them.
  • The clinic where you work is in Portland, on the hill at OHSU every Friday morning for six months