Call Schedule

Call Schedules for Psychiatry Residents

Psychiatry Rotations

The residency’s call pool is divided into three levels: primary call, backup (support for primary call), jeopardy (in case primary call and backup are overwhelmed or out)

Primary Call Pool:

OHSU Psychiatry Residency’s primary call pool covers both the OHSU University Hospital and the Portland VA Hospital, two of the cluster of major hospitals/clinics located on Marquam Hill (colloquially called “on the hill”). Primary call is taken by PGY1-3s, and consists of three types of call shifts: short-call (5-8pm M-Th, coverage of one site), weekend calls (Fri 16h, Sat 24h, or Sun 12h, coverage of one site), and nightfloat (8pm-8am Su-Th, coverage of both sites simultaneously). Types and frequency of shift are determined by training year. Primary call responsibilities include admitting patients to inpatient psychiatric wards, managing acute medical or behavioral issues with inpatient psychiatric patients, and performing emergent psychiatric consultations on other wards

PGY1s take two weekday short-calls per week, and intermittent Sunday weekend 12-hour shifts. PGY1s have in-house supervision until clinical skills are verified, after which call is taken independently with supervision and backup by telephone. PGY1s never take overnight call

PGY2s primarily take weekend call approximately 2 times per month. They very infrequently perform weekday call. Weekend call shifts include Friday (4pm-8am: 16h), Saturday (8am-8am: 24h), or Sunday (8am-8pm: 12h) shifts. > During PGY2, six weeks (two 3-week blocks) are spent on night float (8pm-8am: 5 shifts/week, Sun – Thurs), covering both call sites, and performing streamlined admissions and consultations. During night float, the residents have no daytime clinic or hospital responsibilities

PGY3s primarily cover weekend or holiday call shifts (see times in PGY2 description), but at much less frequent intervals. PGY3s typically cover from 8-10 shifts per year, and have prioritized choice of which shifts to take. PGY3s are also involved in backup call pool (see below)

Backup Call Pool:

The backup call pool consists of PGY3-4s, and includes the Backup and Jeopardy (backup to Backup) roles. The backup call pool provides support and assistance to primary call pool residents when needed, and are available by pager or phone during their scheduled shifts. Residents in the backup call pool cover 2-3 Backup shifts per month, should be available by pager or cell phone for 24 hours (8am-8am) on their scheduled Backup date. Residents in the backup pool cover 1 week (seven contiguous days) of Jeopardy call in every 3 month block. Jeopardy is called if both Primary call resident and Backup Resident are ill or incapacitated. Types of support provided by residents in the backup call pool range from telephone advice (re: medications, management, etc) to coming in to assist in processing of heavy workloads (3+ patients waiting for assessment or admission).

Schedule for Non-Psychiatry Services

Interns on the General Medicine and Neurology services take call according to those department schedules. Currently, General Medicine has a nightfloat system, and therefore has no overnight call shifts, although residents on General Medicine do have long days and work 6 days per week. On Neurology, call consists of daytime rounding with the inpatient service one weekend per month. There are no overnight calls taken with the neurology service. The Emergency Medicine and Chronic Illness Management Clinic rotations do not have a call system, and therefore residents do not take call on these rotations