Sleep Disorders Clinic

Services at The Sleep Disorders Clinic

sleep clinic

  • Patients must be referred by their health care provider 
  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders in adults, older adults and children
  • Evaluation may include diagnostic testing in our Sleep Lab
  • Sleep problems may include sleep and breathing problems such as snoring and/or sleep apnea
  • Other problems may be insomnia, restless legs syndrome, nighttime leg movements or other unusual nighttime behaviors, circadian rhythm (body clock) disorders, shift work disorders, narcolepsy, or chronic non-refreshing sleep or daytime sleepiness
  • In addition to sleep and breathing problems, children with problems settling or with frequent awakenings during the night, or unusual behavior during sleep such as night terrors are appropriate for evaluation and treatment

Preparing for your appointment with us

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for parking and to facilitate the check in process.  Please be aware that parking may be difficult to find during peak appointment hours, so please allow extra time for this.

This consultation allows your child’s clinician to obtain relevant medical history, evaluate sleep history and determine if a sleep study (polysomnogram) is indicated.  A parent, guardian or caregiver must accompany your child to the appointment and can provide valuable observations during this visit.  This appointment will last approximately 60 minutes.

Please complete the questionnaire(s) and bring it with you to your appointment.  There may be 2 questionnaires to complete: 1 for parent/caregiver, 1 for adolescent aged patients.

Insurance and Registration

Current OHSU registration is required.  Please call ahead and register so an active account exists before your appointment.  You can contact Registration (503) 494-8505 or toll-free 1-888-222-6478, extension 8505.  Please bring your insurance card as well as a co-payment, if required by insurance company.

Clinic Location

The Sleep Medicine Clinic is located in the Hatfield Research Building (HRC) on the 13th floor.  It can be reached by using elevator “E” which is located next to the Plaza Café. 

Important numbers to remember

If you need to notify us of scheduling changes, or have questions, please call 503-494-6066.  Office hours



New Patient Questionnaire (must be completed before being seen in clinic)