W. Kent Anger, Ph.D.

W. Kent Anger, Ph.D.

W. Kent Anger, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist and Associate Director, CROET
Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience


B.A., Stephen F. Austin State University, 1964
M.A., University of Wyoming, 1965
Ph.D., University of Maine, 1974

The primary focus of Dr. Anger'sresearch is on:
(a) the development and validation of behavioral methods to study human neurotoxic disorders produced by chemicals;
(b) the use of those tests to identify and characterize such effects following exposures to chemicals in occupational and environmental settings;
(c) computer-based training to prevent health and safety hazards in the workplace; and,
(d) computer-based training to improve work-family balance and reduce the impact of domestic violence on the workplace.

Work funded in 2008 focuses on neurotoxic effects in pesticide applicators and support staff, and in children exposed to solvents at work; and in developing and evaluating the effectiveness of computer-based training methods in vineyard workers, pesticide applicators, in-home care nurses, retail grocery managers and supervisors, and county managers throughout Oregon.

Dr. Anger's lab is developing the next generation of human behavioral tests (Behavioral Assessment and Research System or BARS) for neurotoxicity assessments. The BARS tests incorporate shaping-related instructional principles to teach test performance in a clear manner that incorporates test stimuli with instructions and practice, and requires competency prior to initiating the assessment proper. Written and spoken instructions in English and Spanish are available; written instructions in Portuguese and Korean are also available. This methodology has been extended to children and aging populations, and are currently studying migrant or seasonal workers and their families.

The lab has also developed cTRAIN, computer-based training for all people (typically employees) from those with no education at all to those with college degrees. The work is described at www.ohsu.edu/croet/research/anger and at

Previous Positions:
Research Psychologist, Environmental Protection Agency; Cincinnati, OH
Scientist Director and Chief, Neurobehavioral Research Section (APEB/DBBS), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; Cincinnati, OH

Activities: Research, Administration

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