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Kola, Erik_14Erik Kola R.N., Q.M.H.P.

"I believe in the resiliency and power of the human spirit. By seeking understanding we not only support those in need, we better our own lives. The relationship is the key."

Erik received his BSN from Montana State University in 1995. He has been working as a psychiatric nurse supporting the social, emotional, and mental health needs of children/adolescents and their families for the past 17 years. In his professional career he has had the privilege to work across systems as a charge nurse, consultant, trainer, classroom therapist, and advocate. Advancement and leadership in the support of others with mental health needs requires a practical, 'in the trenches' work experience history, which has characterized his work.

Erik has been training, consulting, and supporting the development and application of the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach in Oregon for the last 8 years. His work in various settings implementing the CPS model, including in-patient, residential, education, day treatment, and foster care, gives him a broad understanding of the challenges families and children face.

Erik Kola is the Oregon and the Northwest regional CPS training coordinator for OHSU/Think:Kids, and an Instructor in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Erik joined the faculty of the Division of Psychiatry at OHSU in 2011 to further expand the impact of this innovative approach.  

Contact Erik Kola at 503 418-5226.

Beth PutzBeth Putz, M.A.

Beth Putz, MA, is a Think:Kids certified trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving and has played a significant role in the implementation of CPS in the state of Oregon. She served on the original CPS State of Oregon Coalition and led one of the state's first CPS implementations pilots. Beth has a MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University and has extensive experience working with children and families with significant mental health challenges in both foster care and residential settings. Beth is available to provide education, consultation, and updates about the CPS model and status of implementation efforts across the state and various systems. 

Beth can be reached at 503 346-1482 or

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Elisa Ross
Administrative Assistant, CPS and OPAL-K Programs
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