McFarland, McCarty, Kovas Book Publication

book-Medicaid and Treatment for People with Substance Abuse Problems

Feb 2011 Bentson McFarland, Dennis McCarty, and Anne Kovas are pleased to announce the publication of their book—Medicaid and Treatment for People with Substance Abuse Problems.

Published in 2011, as part of the ‘Health Care Issues, Costs and Access’ series from Nova Publishers. The edited volume examines the use of Medicaid to cover the costs of treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders. Chapters describe Medicaid coverage for addiction treatment, the impact of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families on access to Medicaid, managed care and Medicaid, managed care and drug courts, Medicaid and methadone, current treatment for mental health and substance abuse, impacts of eliminating Medicaid benefits for substance abuse treatment, comparisons of individuals with Medicaid versus commercial insurance, state innovations for financing care, and the future of Medicaid. Please see the publisher’s website for more details.