Welcome to OHSU

ObGyn Residents and Faculty

From the 2014 Chief Class!

We are proud to be a part of the Ob/Gyn department here at OHSU and we're excited to introduce you to what we have to offer. Our residency program has many strengths. We are a university program with ties to several community hospitals in Portland; it's truly the best of both worlds. We have the challenge of unusual and difficult cases that are referred from a tri-state area to the tertiary care setting of the university, but not at the expense of the bread-and-butter cases that we see in the community hospitals. One of our program's greatest assets is our dedicated and supportive faculty. We are a close-knit, friendly community and we look out for each other. This fosters an amazing and fun environment in which to learn and grow as a person, a clinician and a surgeon. All of our clinics, both resident and faculty, are housed in the state of the art OHSU Center for Women's Health. One of the best things about our program is the incredible camaraderie among residents. We like to socialize together outside the hospital, and there are plenty of fun things to do in Portland and the surrounding area. Whether it's happy hour at a bar in the Pearl District, playing on our kickball team (The Fighting Forceps), hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, a picnic in beautiful Yamhill Wine Country, eating out at any of the many great ethnic restaurants in Portland, or a trip to the coast, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy your time off or fellow residents to enjoy it with! Our program has three official social events each year including a resident retreat, graduation banquet, and a top secret roast and toast called The Smoker which involves highly elaborate costumes and lots of funny stories. We'll save the details for when you come to visit us! In addition to advocating for quality of life, our department is also very committed to resident education. We have several surgical skills training labs each year and are developing a Robotic surgery training program. We also have protected time each year to attend the Northwest Review, a two-day conference that is held in Portland, and have regular journal clubs in the homes of residents and faculty. And of course there is plenty of on-the-fly teaching. Our program director, Dr. Karen Adams, and assistant program director, Dr. Mary Anna Denman, listen very attentively to resident feedback and work tirelessly on our behalf to ensure that our program is meeting our needs. Your life will change dramatically in the next four years between weddings, the birth of children, family events, and of course the everyday difficulties of being a resident. This department and your fellow residents will support you through those big changes as well as the daily ups and downs. You will become a very skilled and confident clinician and surgeon here at OHSU, and you'll have a lot of great memories to go along with the challenges! We look forward to meeting you at your interview. Please feel free to contact residents via email with any questions. Sincerely, Jamie, Brian, Jacob, John, Audra, Eva, and Jessica