Teaching Advocacy

The OHSU residency program is committed to training physician advocates as well as outstanding clinicians.  Our advocacy curriculum helps residents appreciate the broader context of women’s health care and includes teaching sessions on the national “Women’s Health Report Card” by faculty member Michelle Berlin, MD, Vice Chair for Professional Development and one of the original authors of the report card, and various public health topics. Residents also learn ways to advocate for women’s health needs with their legislators.  Many OHSU residents run for junior fellow leadership positions within the Oregon section and national ACOG, and with the help and support of our friends in Oregon ACOG, attend the annual ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference to meet with Oregon’s senators and representatives in Washington DC.

The Oregon Delegation: Jennifer Miller-Davis, Karen Adams Residency Program Director, Marguerite Cohen Vice-Chair of ACOG Region VIII, Suzanne Burlone, Joy Zia