Gallo Lecture

Anthony GalloThe Gallo Lecture was created by the OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery to honor the legacy and dedication to teaching and medical ethics of Anthony E. Gallo, Jr., M.D. A medical school graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Gallo was a highly respected pediatric neurosurgeon and throughout his career was devoted to the care of disabled children. He was a professor of neurosurgery at OHSU from 1968 to 1989.

The 11th Anthony E. Gallo, Jr., Lecturer 2017

Mark Proctor, M.D.

Dr. ProctorDr. Proctor is Neurosurgeon-in-Chief and Director of the Brain Injury Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass
Dr. Proctor received his medical degree from Columbia University, and completed a neurosurgery residency at Georgetown University Hospital. He then fulfilled a fellowship at the Children’s Hospital in Boston.
Always an athlete, Dr. Proctor rowed for Dartmouth College in addition to playing competitive rugby and squash. Now he works with Sports Medicine to treat children with sports-related injuries and co-directs the national concussion meeting, the HMS Neurological Sports Injuries Conference.
With a commitment to improving the lives of his patients, Dr. Proctor specializes in the treatment of pediatric craniofacial abnormalities, spinal disorders, sports-related injuries and trauma to the brain and spine. One of the novel approaches he helped pioneer was the use of particulate skull autograph to fill in cranial defects.
He has published the largest series of modern spinal instrumentation for the cervical spine in children. He is one of the leading surgeons performing minimally invasive endoscopic correction of craniosynostosis. In addition, Dr. Proctor is responsible for publishing the world’s largest series on herniated disks in the pediatric population.

Past Gallo Lecturers

  • Alan R. Cohen, M.D. — 2007
  • Arnold Menezes, M.D. — 2008
  • Joseph Piatt, M.D. — 2009
  • P. David Adelson, M.D. — 2010
  • Tae Sung Park, M.D. — 2011
  • Fredrick A. Boop, M.D.— 2012
  • Timothy B. Mapstone, M.D.— 2013
  • Marion L. (Jack) Walker, M.D. — 2014
  • R. Michael Scott, M.D. — 2015
  • Richard G. Ellenbogen, M.D., FACS — 2016