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Neurological Surgery Events

John RaafJohn Raaf Day Lecture

Since 1991, lecturers have come to speak on a variety of topics in honor of Dr. John Raaf Day, widely regarded as the father of neurosurgery in Oregon.

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Anthony GalloGallo Lecture

In 2007, the Gallo Lecture was created by the OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery to honor the legacy and dedication to teaching and medical ethics of Anthony E. Gallo, Jr., M.D.

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Mario CampagnaCampagna Scholarship and Professorship

The scholarship was established in 2006 by Dr. Mario Campagna and his wife, Edithand provides eligible scholars an opportunity to participate in a 10-week summer semester of neurosurgical related research.

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Established in 2005 through the generosity of the Campagnas, the Mario and Edith Campagna Professorship in Pediatric Neurological Surgery supports research in pediatric neurological surgery and neurosciences.

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Paxton Professorship

The Harold D. Paxton International Professorship in Neurological Surgery Education was created in 2006 by the OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery to honor Dr. Paxton’s dedication to international neurosurgical education.

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Brain Awareness Month

A series of activities to help promote brain awareness.

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