Neurosurgeon and Child OHSU Neurological Surgery Mission

The mission of the OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery is to enhance health and improve lives for patients with nervous system disease in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the nation, by delivering care of the highest quality and value, advancing understanding of nervous system function and the science of practice, and educating effective and compassionate neurosurgeons. We seek to care for patients as we would want our family members cared for, and believe in the power of innovation and individual leadership.

OHSU Neurological Surgery Vision

The Department of Neurological Surgery will provide the most advanced, highest quality and value nervous system care in the State of Oregon, will be recognized as a top 25 clinical and training program nationally, and will carry out groundbreaking research that advances neurosurgical science, patient care, and education.


Neurological Surgery at OHSU services four hospitals...