Mara Seier, M.D.

Mara Seier, M.D.


Beresford, South Dakota


University of South Dakota

Before Med School

I went directly from undergrad to medical school, but did some research during my summers off.  

Medical Interests

Multiple sclerosis, movement disorders

Non medical interests

Running, hiking, reading, being outside, camping, picking berries

Favorite books and authors

To Kill a Mockingbird, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or anything by Roald Dahl

Favorite movies

The Notebook

Favorite music

Folk, Bluegrass, Pop, Indie rock

Favorite jobs (before this one)

Worked at an ice cream shop in high school, that was fun and delicious

Why Oregon

Loved the program and loved Portland —  the weather is great (compared to SD winters), there is so much to do and the people are nice!

Mara Seier, M.D.