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Dynamic yet mellow, Oregon's largest metropolis boasts a vibrant downtown across the Willamette River from charming neighborhoods full of friendly – and often zany – people. It hums with a youthful vitality and is home to a landslide of liberal idealists, but it's located in a state where back roads brim with Republican red. Here Gore-Tex rain jackets in fine restaurants are as common as sideburns on a hipster.

A haven for eco-activists, cyclists, grungesters, outdoor nuts, vegans, gardeners and dog-lovers, all supporting countless brewpubs, coffeehouses, knitting circles, lesbian potlucks and book clubs, Portland is a livable metropolis with pretty neighborhoods and a friendly, small-town atmosphere. It's an up-and-coming destination that has finally found itself but keeps redefining its ethos with every controversy. Culturally diverse and politically charged, the city is an awesome spot to plant roots, settle in and chill out for while.

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