Kimmy Su, M.D.

Kimmy Su was born in Akron, Ohio to Taiwanese immigrants and enjoyed a few years of heavy snows and hot summers before moving west to Cupertino, CA (aka, home of Apple). She attended the University of California at Berkeley, where she majored in neurobiology and psychology and worked at the Berkeley Art Museum. After college, Kimmy spent a few years on the opposite coast working at the NIH doing epilepsy research and living in Washington, D.C. After getting accepted into medical school, she immediately quit her research position and spent half a year in Taiwan improving her Chinese, teaching English, and writing bilingual restaurant reviews for a local magazine.

Kimmy attended medical school at OHSU, where she completed her MD/PhD investigating neurodegeneration in MS. She looks forward to staying in Portland for at least another 4 years for her neurology residency, as there are many more local restaurants and food carts to sample. When not at the hospital, Kimmy enjoys catching up on sleep, playing with her two adorable cat‐dogs Nala and Nobu, watching Jane Austen movies, photography, cooking, baking, taking up yet another crafting hobby, trying out new restaurants with her soon‐to‐be husband Kory, and traveling.