Program Curriculum

Curriculum and Books

The major focus of our residency program is to support the diverse career goals of our housestaff. As the only University-based training program in the state of Oregon, we have a broad mission in serving the public interest. This mission ranges from training the finest practitioners in primary care to preparing residents for entry into investigative careers.

Our residents divide their time among general medicine and subspecialty wards, intensive care units, ambulatory care, consultation services; and emergency room and long-term care settings.

We offer two training program tracks - Categorical and Primary Care.  Residents may choose to "track" back and forth between tracks to match their career goals and objectives.

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Program Facilities

OHSU Campus from the Portland VA Medical Center

Residents rotate at a variety of clinical facilities.  The majority of rotations are located at the OHSU Hospital and the Portland Veterans (VA) Medical Center located on the Marquam Hill Campus.  An 1/8 mile skybridge connects the OHSU and VA Hospitals.  

Residents may also have clinical activities at the OHSU Center for Health and Healing at the South Waterfront Campus a short 3 minute tram ride away from the main campus.

Second and third year Residents also rotate to other off-campus locations (including Kaiser Permanente) and have their sub-specialty clinics in a variety of locations both on and off campus.

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Primary Care

Residents in Team Room

The Department of Medicine at OHSU is committed to practice and training in primary care internal medicine.  We stress training in ambulatory settings, especially continuity of care, as well as the acquisition of skills in certain non-internal medicine disciplines.

Primary Care track Residents participate in a community-based Preceptorship their second year for three weeks, usually in a rural setting.  In the third year of training they particiapte in a six week block of outpatient Primary Care medicine.

Approximately six Residents per class are involved in the Primary Care training program.  Residents may "track" in or out of the primary care track, creating an opportunity to better tailor rotations and experiences to meet their future goals and plans.

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Global Health

Global Health Scholars Program

The mission of the OHSU Internal Medicine (IM) Global Health Scholars Program is to supplement and enrich a robust internal medicine curriculum with opportunities in global health. In this regard, the OHSU IM Global Health Scholars Program endorses a broad definition of Global Health rooted in interdisciplinary collaboration to promote better health for all (Koplan, et al. 2009). To this end, curricular offerings will provide a strong foundation in transnational health issues to include the health of refugee and immigrant populations, public health, infectious and noninfectious disease prevention, recognition and management in resource limited settings, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Our 2nd and 3rd year Residents participate in four week electives (one each year). During this time residents may plan their own educational activities, with approval from the program director. Activities in past years have ranged from research with faculty, working at various public health departments, working at the Indian Health Service,  clinical rotations in third world locations and many more.

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