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The mission of the OHSU Internal Medicine (IM) Global Health Scholars Program is to supplement and enrich a robust internal medicine curriculum with opportunities in global health. In this regard, the OHSU IM Global Health Scholars Program endorses a broad definition of Global Health rooted in interdisciplinary collaboration to promote better health for all (Koplan, et al. June 2009). To this end, curricular offerings will provide a strong foundation in transnational health issues to include the health of refugee and immigrant populations, public health, infectious and noninfectious disease prevention, recognition and management in resource limited settings, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

OHSU IM Global Health Scholars will (1) participate in local interdisciplinary lectures and journal clubs, (2) learn from online modules and selected readings, and (3) rotate through local and international clinical sites during the second and third year of residency. Additionally, each IM Global Health Scholar will be linked with a faculty mentor to support potential research and scholarship in global health. The IM Global Health Scholars Program is an optional supplement to OHSU's Internal Medicine residency curriculum for those residents with an interest in Global Health.

OHSU has a long standing interest in global health. The OHSU Global Health Center (GHC) is an on campus organization that fosters collaboration with OHSU and the larger international community to promote quality and equity in health worldwide. The GHC networks with domestic and international communities and helps develop programs for students, faculty, staff and partners that will promote global health awareness, research, education and advocacy.

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