Current Housestaff

2014-15 OHSU Internal Medicine Residency Housestaff

(PC) = Primary Care Track
(N) = Neurology Intern


IM Interns (PGY-1)

Molly Andreason 

MD: University of Wisconsin 
BS: University of St. Thomas  (Physics)
BA: University of St. Thomas (Biology, Philosophy)

Irina Arkhipova-Jenkins 

MD: University of Vermont 
MBA: Kurgan State Academy, Russia  (Economics and Accounting)
BS: Simmons College  (Biochemistry and Mathematics)

Tracy Bazan (N) 

MD: New York Medical College 
BS: University of Oregon (Biology and Spanish)

Cassandra Betts (PC) 

MD: University of Michigan 
BA: University of Chicago  (Biological Sciences)

MacGregor (Mac) Brownlow

MD: University of Nevada 
BS: University of Idaho  (Psychology)

Julien Chirouze 

DO: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine 
M.Sc.B.: ESSEC Business School, France  (Strategy & Management of International Business)
BBA: Institute of Political Studies, France  (International Trade)

Christine Gordon (PC) 

MD: University of Minnesota 
BA: Grinnell College  (General Science)

Max Gordon 

MD: University of Minnesota 
BA: University of Washington  (Anthropology)

Daniel Guy

MD: Sackler School of Medicine 
BA: The Open University of Israel  (Life Sciences)

Katy Hagen (N) 

MD: University of Nevada 
MA: NYU Institute of Fine Arts (Roman Architecture and Dutch Painting)
BS: Boston College (Chemistry and Art History)

Meagan Herda 

MD: Temple University 
BS: University of California - Davis  (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior)

Renee Honeyfield

MD: University of New Mexico 
BS: University of New Mexico  (Psychology)

Ben Hornung 

MD: University of Kansas 
BS: University of Kansas  (Neurobiology)

Justine Hum 

MD: University of Vermont 
BA: University of California - Berkeley  (Molecular and Cell Biology)

Leah Kalin 

MD: University of Arizona 
BS: Arizona State University  (Psychology)

Briana Ketterer 

MD: University of Arizona 
BS: University of Arizona  (Physiology)

Milla Kviatkovsky

MD: Nova Southeastern University 
MPH: Maastricht University, the Netherlands  (Epidemiology)
BS: University of California - Davis  (Exercise Biology)

Sarah Larsen 

MD: University of Minnesota 
BS: Marquette University  (Biomedical Sciences)

Jean Liew 

MD: University of Texas Medical Branch 
BS: University of Texas - Austin  (Biology)

Jia Luo 

MD: Stanford University 
BS: University of Wisconsin - Madison  (Biochemistry and Economics)

Pippa Macdonald (N)

MD: University of Hawaii 
BS: University of California - Berkeley (Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology)

Dylan Mart 

MD: University of Washington 
BS: University of Washington  (Microbiology)

Jessica Morton 

MD: University of Pittsburgh 
BA: University of Pennsylvania  (English Literature, European History)

Jacob Nelson (PC)

MD: University of Minnesota 
BA: Saint Olaf College  (Chemistry and Biology)

Sven Olson 

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin 
BS: University of Wisconsin - Madison  (Biology)

Maria Peila (PC) 

M.Sc.: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Molecular Biology of Infectious Disease)
BS: Saint Mary's College of California  (Biology and Religion)

Emma Peiris (PC) 

MD: East Tennessee State University 
BA: University of North Carolina - Asheville  (French)

D. Alex Perry

MD: University of Arizona 
MS: Arizona State University  (Biomedical Engineering)
BSE: Arizona State University  (Biomedical Engineering)

Scott Rewinkel (N) 

MD: University of Kentucky 
MS: Washington State University (Mechanical Engineering)
BS: University of Washington (Mechanical Engineering)

Jessica Rice (N)

MD: Creighton University 
BS: Colorado College (Biology and Anthropology)

Zaida Rodriguez 

MD: Universidad de Los Andes

Beth Roy

MD: Tufts University 
BA: Yale University  (Religious Studies)

Amy Semritc

MHA: Washington State University  (Health Policy & Administration)
BA: University of Washington  (Psychology)

Anil Sharma

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin 
BS: University of California, Los Angeles  (Biology)

Kelsey Shaver

MD: University of Nebraska
BS: University of Nebraska - Lincoln  (Psychology)

Lucy Shi

MD: Wright State University 
BS: University of Michigan  (BS - Biochemistry)

Wendy Tseng 

MD: University of California - San Francisco 
MS: University of California, Los Angeles  (Physiological Science)
BS: University of California, Los Angeles  (Physiological Science)

Y. Linda Wang 

BA: Scripps College  (Molecular Biology)

2014-15 IM Chief Residents

Ryan Clay

MD: University of Minnesota
BA: New York University

Andy Lawton

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin
BA: Univeristy of Notre Dame

Kate Mackey

MD: University of Texas at San Antonio
MPP: Duke University
BA: Georgetown University

Brian Ricci

MD: Georgetown University
BS: Canisius College