Portland - Pulmonary & Critical Care Clinical Research Team  - Check it out here!

Dr. Chris Slatore is interested in the prevention, detection, treatment, and healthcare delivery for patients with tobacco-related lung diseases, chiefly lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Dr. Donald Sullivan has an overall goal to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care through advances in cancer care processes. The breadth of his background in clinical research, supplemented by his training in pulmonary medicine make him well-suited to examine ways to improve outcomes among patients with lung cancer.

Dr. Kelly Vranas is focused on understanding how organizational factors and processes of care influence the outcomes of critically ill patients. She hopes to use insights gained from her research to improve the value of intensive care for patients with critical illness

Suil Kim Lab

Dr. Suil Kim studies the airway epithelium, the body's first responder to inhaled invaders such as cigarette smoke, bacteria, and aspirated material. He investigates signaling mechanisms that exaggerate mucous hypersecretion and neutrophilic inflammation in airways, serious and presently untreated features of chronic airway diseases such as COPD. The goal of research in his lab is to identify novel targets for the effective treatment of these pro-inflammatory responses in subjects with COPD.