OTBRL has brought together investigators in Oregon who share this common purpose. These include Drs. David and Deborah Lewinsohn, Dr. Chris Lancioni, Dr. Georgiana Purdy, Dr. Melanie Harriff, Dr. Kevin Winthrop, Dr. Marielle Gold, and Dr. Luis Burmudez.

In addition, members of the OTBRL, are actively collaborating with groups around the world. These collaborations include: David Sherman (SeattleBiomed); Payam Nahid (UCSF); William Hildebrand (OUHSC); Karen Dobos (CSU), Bill Bishai, (K-RITH), Henry Boom (Case Western Reserve University); Harriet Myanja (Makerere University), Sarah Kiguli (Makerere University), Louis Picker (OHSU) and Avigdor Shafferman (IIBR).