Division Research

Division research

Our research programs address fundamental processes that are relevant to kidney function in health and disease. We employ a variety of experimental model systems ranging from yeast to humans. Our collaborative faculty uses a wide array of techniques that include molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and microscopy to study the physiology and biology of the kidney at the cellular and organismic level. We aim at translating our findings into improved clinical management of renal diseases in collaboration with the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI).

Basic and clinical research

Our basic and clinical research covers areas such as acute kidney injury, progressive kidney disease, membrane traffic and hypertension, transplant medicine and more. We strive to have our research translate into advances in patient care.

Clinical trials

As part of our research we conduct clinical trials that relate to nephrology and hypertension. The type and scope of these trials are varied and we rely on trial volunteers as part of our ongoing research.