Pen Barnes, MBBS, MRCP, FRCPath, PhD

Pen Barnes, MBBS, MRCP, FRCPATH, PhDPen Barnes, MBBS, MRCP, FRCPath, PhD
Assistant Professor
Division of Infectious Diseases, OHSU


  • BSc: Immunology and Pathology of Infectious Diseases, London, UK
  • M.B.B.S.: (UK MD equivalent) Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London, UK 1992
  • Ph.D. (Microbiology) Open University, UK 2005

Medicine Residency:

Internal Medicine: Oxford University, UK 1993-1995


  • Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Fellowship: Oxford University, UK 1995-2003
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Microbiology Research Fellowship: Oxford University, UK and Tufts University, Boston, MA 1998-2003
  • Infectious Diseases: University of Washington,  and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA 2003-2006

Clinical Responsibilities:

Director Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy services.
Combined Orthopedic and Infectious Diseases Program.
Transplant Infectious Diseases, in patient and outpatient services.

Research Interests:

Diagnosis and management of orthopedic and neurosurgery infections Risks for  poor outcomes in  patients receiving IV antibiotics in the community

Clinical Interests:

Orthopedic and neurosurgery infections

Representative Publications:

  1. Barnes PD and Marr KA. 2007 Diagnosis and prognostic indicators of invasive mould infections after stem cell transplantation. Br J Haematol. 139(4):519-31.  
  2. Barnes PD and Marr KA. 2006 Aspergillosis: Spectrum of Diseases, Diagnosis and Treatment. Infectious Disease Clinics of North America. 20(3):545-561.  
  3. Barnes PD, Berman, MA, Mecsas, J, Isberg, RR. 2006 Yersinia pseudotuberculosis disseminates directly from a replicating bacterial pool in the intestine. J Exp Med. Jun 12;203(6):1591-601.  
  4. Wong, K-W, Barnes, P, Isberg, RR. 2004 The invasin protein of enteropathogenic Yersinia: Integrin binding and the role in gastrointestinal diseases. Yersinia: Molecular and Cellular Biology. Horizon Bioscience. 91-108.  
  5. Isberg R. Barnes, P., Wong, KW 2003. Uptake of Y. pseudotuberculosis into cultures cells and integrin receptor signalling. Microbial Subversion of host cells. Cambridge University Press. 37-51.  
  6. Isberg R.R and Barnes PD 2002 Dancing with the host; flow-dependent bacterial adhesion. Cell. Jul 12;110(1):1-4.  
  7. Isberg R.R and Barnes PD. 2001 Subversion of integrins by enteropathogenic Yersinia. J Cell Sci. Jan;114(Pt 1):21-28.

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