John Townes, MD

John Townes, MDJohn Townes, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Interim Division Chief
Division of Infectious Diseases, OHSU


B.A. (Biology) - Brown University , 1982
M.D. - The Johns Hopkins University SOM, 1990


Medicine - Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1990-1993


Epidemic Intelligence Service, Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch, Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA 1993-1995
Clinical Fellow - Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 1997-1998

Research Interest:

Epidemiology of Infectious Disease; diarrheal diseases; reactive arthritis; Cysticerosis; MRSA.

Clinical Interests:

General Infectious Diseases; Tropical medicine.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

  1. Townes JM , Kohn MA, Southwick KL, Bangs CA, Zechnich AD, Magnuson JA, Jui J. Investigation of an electronic emergency department information system as a data source for respiratory syndrome surveillance. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice . 2004 Jul-Aug; 10(4): 299-307.
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  6. Mermin J, Townes J , Gerber M, Dolan N, Mintz E, Tauxe R. Typhoid fever in the United States , 1985-1994: Changing risks of international travel and increasing antimicrobial resistance. Archives of Internal Medicine 1998 March 23; 158(6): 633-8.
  7. Townes J, Gonzales O, Quick R, Linares M, Wahlquist S, Damiani E, et al. Etiology of bloody diarrhea in Bolivian children: Implications for empiric therapy. Journal of Infectious Diseases,June;175(6):1527.
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