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Healthy TEAM Healthy U

Healthy TEAM Healthy U

HTHU is a health promotion program designed by OHSU faculty and staff and refined by our own employees. It is a behavior-based program to help employees achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and capture the power of employees working together to increase physical activity, improve diet and reduce stress. Numerous benefits have been documented, including reduced blood pressure, lower body weight among those who are overweight, improved diet and exercise behaviors and feeling healthier. Furthermore, people felt less depressed, missed less work and reported being happier after participating in HTHU.

Nearly 3,000 OHSU employees came together to participate in HTHU making up over 600 Teams in the first year!

How Healthy TEAM Healthy U Works

Each week your Team will meet to learn a new health related topic. Weekly curriculum topics for HTHU 1.0 include: using pedometers, energy balance, rethink your drink, balancing fat and calories, strength training, fruits and vegetables, stress management, general nutrition, cardiovascular disease recognition and prevention, controlling portion sizes and goal setting to maintain healthy behaviors.

HTHU 2.0 is designed to sustain and increase the benefits you gained from HTHU 1.0. This 2nd year introduces your Team to a more advanced set of topics. You will gain tools to increase your fitness, obtain higher quality sleep, understand depression and help prevent back pain in the same 12-week structure.

A new home and gym strength training video made exclusively for OHSU complements HTHU 1.0 and 2.0 this year.

Here's What You Do

Go to https://hthu.ohsu.edu and log in using your OHSU username and password Follow the prompts to create your Team Materials will be provided by your Facilitator during your first Session (at no cost to you). They include: a Team Leader Manual, Team Workbooks, Wellness Guides, pedometers, water bottles and pens for each member!

The Fine Print

Healthy TEAM Healthy U is excited to be included as one of the options available to OHSU employees in 2012-2013 to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide lower cost health insurance premiums in 2014.

HTHU participants must sign up and begin sessions no later than June 30th in order to complete the program by September 30, 2013. To receive your incentives, you must satisfy all of the following conditions:

Log at least 1,000 points to qualify for the lower insurance premium and 2,000 points for the $100 incentive between January 1, 2013 and September 30, 2013; and

Be a benefits eligible OHSU employee on September 30, 2013; and

Be currently employed by OHSU on the pay day of pay period 24 2013, when the incentive is paid